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Operation RedHeart had more to it than meets the eye. Was it merely coincidence that all its operatives banded together for a common casue? True they were all friends, probably looking for some juicy ship tease. If so, did you ever notice someone missing? Perhaps a certain rainbowed mane pegasus?

Here is the account of the true mastermind behind Operation RedHeart. The Admiral of all ships known in the universe. The de facto leader of the next generation of crusaders. The apple that had an uncanny ability to fall out of the tree into dirt at very awkward times. The spawn of two adventurers, Api Apple "Spunky Adventurer".

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 5 )

Seeing no sigh of the older mare

I think you meant to say "no sign of the older mare"

You don't need to look anymore intimidating that you already do.

I think you you meant to say "than you already do."

I really liked this story, it was a fun read.

5732284 Thanks. I missed those.

As Sugarcube Corner shrink away into the distance behind them

it's usually not a good thing when someone finds an error in the first paragraph. I think you meant to say "shrank away into the distance", I know mistakes and errors are inevitable, but you should always come back to what you have posted to see if you can find any errors yourself, self-checking is always a good idea because even if you have proofreaders and editors little hiccups will still slip by them. I enjoyed this compilation of stories though, it's fun to read.

5793634 I honestly didn't realize that was a mistake. Guess my mind was thinking in the present tense during that time. Don't really have any editors or proofreaders for now. Know how I can get some? I do read it for self-check but it is definitely bias and my mind would be criticizing all the way instead of focusing on proofreading. Glad you enjoyed these stories. They are just my little headcannon to tie a few of the old pictures into the ever expanding kilala universe.

5795518 Don't feel too bad about not noticing errors, I learned about how those happen in my high school English class. A good self-check my English teacher told us is to get up and leave the unfinished work you're typing for five minutes or more, because while you're writing it you won't notice your errors due to seeing the words you want to. But if you stop looking at it for at least five minutes and come back from doing something else you're more likely to spot your errors.

So my advice to you, and everyone else who takes the time to read this, is get up and leave the projects your working on for a few minutes. Go make a sandwich, watch an episode of MLP or some other show, go play a game for a bit, the project will still be there when you get back, and who knows maybe someone like your housemate messing with your project could make it better.

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