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My Little Mages: After Effects - dracone

It's been a few weeks since Twilight moved to town and everyone is adjusting and preparing for changes

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A very Pinkie Birthday

Author's Note:

This chapter was written almost exclusively by Foxhelm, and picks up around where the last chapter left off.

As Pinkie got closer, still surprisingly hidden from Rarity and Fluttershy, “Applejack and I are ready, Darling. It’s time to pass along to Rainbow Dash.” Rarity said after she and Fluttershy looked around to see if anyone was listening or watching them.

Fluttershy repeated the action, and it seemed that they didn’t notice that Pinkie was watching them. Fluttershy then nodded that she understood and soon started off, singing ‘Lalalala’, skipping all the way. That should have been a red flag, Fluttershy doesn’t normally skip and sing in town, that was Pinkie’s thing, especially on Tuesdays… which today was. Pinkie followed Fluttershy, comically creeping along the sideways. It was about ten minutes until Fluttershy found Rainbow Dash and Thunderlane were in a push-up contest. However, despite Rainbow Dash’s drive, she just couldn’t keep up. With the two was Rumble and Scootaloo. As Thunderlane continued, “Pay-up” Rumble said to Scootaloo as he held out his left hand. Reluctantly Scootaloo gave him three ten-bit coins.

Fluttershy walked up to the four, “Scootaloo, Rumble, you both should know better than to bet on your siblings.” the typically timid druid scolded.

“I challenged Thunderlane,” Rainbow said as she got to her feet. “You won, you can stop.” Thunderlane then lowered himself onto the ground rolled onto his back tucked his legs in and effectively jumped onto his feet without breaking a sweat. “Show off.” Thunderlane just shrugged his shoulders with a smirk of victory on his face. He rubbed the top of Rumble’s head and the two then headed off as Rumble split the winnings. “Hey Fluttershy,”

Fluttershy looked around, and without seeing Pinkie or Gummy, “It’s the day. I’ll see you at the place.” Fluttershy then looked around and silently walked away.

Scootaloo was clearly confused, “What was she talking about?” she asked.

“Not a clue, a surprise party for some…” Rainbow Dash froze as if she just remembered something. “Gotta go, squirt!” She shouted as she started to fly away. As she flew she stopped and turned to her left and was face to face with… “Gummy?” she asked in utter confusion. She then looked around the reptile to see the cotton candy pink hair that the baby alligator was nested in. She then looked down to see her jester friend. Rainbow’s eyes widened in horror and she a gave a scream.

Pinkie couldn’t help but giggle, “Oh Dashie, you can run, but you never hide~.” Pinkie said as she got out of her hiding spot and starting skipping at a rate that was able to keep pace with Rainbow Dash. After about five minutes Pinkie was able to tackle Rainbow bring her to the ground. “Got you. That was fun.” Pinkie said as she got back up and turned away from her friend. “So what’s my…” She stopped as she saw Rainbow Dash bolt away. “Prize…” Pinkie then scowled, “No one cheats Pinkie,” she said as she pushed Gummy deep into her hair, “Hold on, Momma’s got a rainbow to catch!” Pinkie then started to run as Gummy seemed to tie his mistress’ hair around him.

Pinkie managed to catch up with Rainbow Dash. This was not lost to Rainbow Dash as she continued to push herself as flew faster and faster around town, all the while Pinkie was not slowing down and was getting angrier and angrier. After nearly ten minutes Rainbow halted just twenty feet above the ground and turned to be face to with the pink pursuer, which was impressive when you considered Pinkie was physically the shortest of their group with being just Four feet nine inches tall, just six inches shorter than the next shortest member of the group. “You know the rules,” was all Pinkie said gritting her teeth. Rainbow screamed and bolted. “Come back here! You’re Cheating!” Pinkie exclaimed as she pursued. Within seconds Rainbow made a mad dive into a window of the Golden Oak. Pinke arrived a second later and started pounding on the door. “RAINBOW DASH!” she shouted as her anger was boiling under her skin. Gummy hopped out of Pinkie’s hair and held a hot dog next to her head. It was ashes in a nanosecond, he then reached into her hair and pulled out a tin of popcorn that was fully popped in five seconds flat.

The door then opened showing Twilight, “You’re just in time.” the librarian informed as she stepped to the side and showed that the main room of the Golden Oak was set up for a party with all of Pinkie's closest friends. It wasn't up to Pinkie’s standards but she could tell Twilight tried. “Happy Birthday!” Twilight said in a voice that sounded a lot like Pinkie’s.

Pinkie looked around, the balloons arranged like her mark, streamers and such all around, and a big cake that just screamed ‘I was made for Pinkie.’ Then she froze…”MARBLE’S BIRTH…” she started as she was given a wrapped present by a still nervous Rainbow Dash.

“We weren't quite sure what to get her, but I think she’ll like it,” Rainbow said timidly.

Pinkie then accepted it. “Be right back.” Pinkie then bolted out the door.

“You guys weren’t kidding, Pinkie cannot sense when a party is being planned for her,” Twilight commented. “I hope Marble does like the book.”

A few minutes later at the Pie homestead, Marble looked at the cake that was baked to celebrate her and Pinkie’s birthday depressed. Maud was her stoic nature, Limestone was clearly agitated, and their parents were uneasy, “Worry not, Marble, Pinkamina must be running late, thou elder twin would never miss this…” Igneous Rock started, only to stop as they all heard a knocking at the door. Limestone got up and opened the door only to have a pink blur run past her and tackled Marble.

Pinkie took a deep breath, “Happy Happy Birthday! From Pinkie Pie to You! I am glad is my birthday! So I can party too!’ Pinkie sang. “Yay!” Pinkie cheered. “Happy Birthday, Marble. My friends wanted to give this to you.” Pinkie said as she handed the gift. Marble accepted it and looked at it unsure. “Well go on open it!” Marble opened it, it was a book. “Must have been Twilight’s idea. She’s my newest closest friend.” Pinkie commented. “So what’s it about…
The Golem.” Pinkie said as she looked at the title. “I have such good friends.” Pinkie said as Marble hugged the book a big closed-mouth and closed-eyed smile on her face.

Hours later as the sun was setting, everyone in the Golden Oak celebrated a fairly tamed version of party focus on celebrating another year of life for Pinkie Pie. Pinkie arrived back after another run. “Phew… That was a long day.” Pinkie opened the door.

“For she’s a jolly good fellow
For she’s a jolly good fellow
For she’s a jolly good fellow~
Which nobody can deny!
Which nobody can deny
Which nobody can deny,
For she’s a jolly good fellow~
Which nobody can deny.” Everyone sang as Pinkie entered, Pinkie could only smile. She was right she had great friends.

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:pinkiehappy: 'I have the bestest friends EVER~!'

Yes, Pinkie you do...

This chapter is GREAT!!!!! :twilightsmile:

1) Twilight has yet to meet Flash
2) it's a crush
3) Every woman save family either had or have a crush on Big Mac at somepoint

Oh my. Okay then. I'm guessing any discrepancies are due to the publication date.

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