• Published 19th Jul 2015
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My Little Mages: After Effects - dracone

It's been a few weeks since Twilight moved to town and everyone is adjusting and preparing for changes

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A Bad Day for Fashion

Rarity was thankful for two things at the moment, school and the fact her sister had friends. Not so much the second one from time to time, especially on days they decided to occupy her shop so that they could “help” her. While she loved her sister to ends of time Rarity was someone who much would like her alone time, which became difficult when three young girls came trouncing into her home and place of business at random intervals and had as equally random results when it came to interacting with customers in the store. Her boutique had actually gotten some good sales due to the intervention of the Sweetie Belle and her friends the first time they came barging into the store after another failed attempt to understand their innate magical talents, which they took as an invite to so whenever they came in and their were customers (she cringed at the memory of them almost driving out her last set of clients).

She was mostly thankful for school at the moment, it was Monday and Sweetie had practically flown out the door (despite being a magicborn rather than a skyborn) to get to school, Rarity had dropped by the school and handed Sweetie the backpack she had forgotten in her enthusiasm to spend more time with her friends. With her sister out of her hair for a few hours Rarity got to work on drawing up new designs, or rather she would if it weren't for some force that kept impeding her creativity every time she brought her pen to paper, she'd have dozens of amazing ideas on what could be the next big thing racing through her head, but the moment she got ready to draw one up it was like a vault door closed on her and stopped her from making the drawings a reality.

Deciding that it was just going to be that kind of day Rarity decided to have a walk about the town, with a little luck inspiration would hit her, and if not she could always go on a gem hunting run. Her thought flicked back to Spike for a moment, Twilight had said that all known dragons (Spike included) had a taste for gems. Maybe with the right kind of encouragement he could dig up, and maybe sniff out, some gems, she disliked wasting her magic energy digging them up, especially since that enchantment took up more energy than she would like, the gem finding enchantment was much easier and was also was one of the few spells that required very little of her energy. She had learned later on in her youth that detection spells, especially ones as powerful as hers were usually very draining for spell casters that lacked experience in such spellcraft practices.

It wasn't quite time for her monthly gem hunt, going by the stock of gemstones she had, and she was having a creative block. Rarity decided to close down her establishment for a bit and wander about looking for something to help remove her block, she hoped it was just something that would last a handful of hours at most. Rarity gave shiver, she just hoped the block would dissipate before Sweetie got home on account of what usually happened when her little sister got back from school. The ivory clad enchantress gave a chuckle to herself, her parents didn't think Sweetie Belle would be doing so well this early into the school year. Rarity gave herself a little smile at the thought of her sister doing so well socially, then took on a dour expression when she recalled some of the things that came attached to her sister's new social circle.

After flipping the sign to tell everybody the shop would closed for a bit, and leaving a note in an envelope for Sweetie Belle, Rarity began her stroll around town, which she hoped would help remove her block. The white clad enchantress reached into her hip pouch, which she used to keep various accessories, and pulled out a pair of eggshell colored gloves with three violet diamonds on them and carefully pulled them on, treating them almost as if they were made with a very delicate fabric (which wasn't true, it was just a higher quality common fabric that had some minor enchantments to make it stronger). As she began to saunter through the town she hoped it would become more a jaunt than an ordinary walk.

During her stroll she noticed Rainbow Dash once again practicing accuracy with more than one projectile, the magically created arrows were colored much like the elementalist's hair, as she paused to watch a spell Rarity noticed the arrows veered to the right a bit less than usual. After giving a curt nod towards her friend Rarity returned to her jaunt. As she continued on her way Rarity noticed Pinkie Pie on what appeared to be watermelon the size of a large beach ball juggling a variety of confections to the amazement of of the children that had elected to station themselves outside Suguarcube Corner. As she passed by Rarity felt the sensation in her hand that wasn't present there before, looking down she noticed she was holding a paper plate with a baker's dozen blondies with a note pinned to the top square that said, “Hope your work problems today don't last the rest of the day,” instead of a signiture the note ended with the image three party balloons, looking down at the bottom of the page Rarity found a series of smiley faces practically making a border around the bottom right corner.

Shaking her head at Pinkie's antics Rarity continued her jaunt.


About a half hour after she had passed by Sugurcube Corner Rarity took a seat by pond at the park. Reaching into her enchanted hip pouch she pulled out a sketch book and drawing pencil, she hoped all it took was walk to clear her head and a change of scenery. Once again she put her writing utensil to paper, but all she managed to do was draw part of a swan's beak before she was back in her rut. Looking around, then using a crystal enchanted for finding people, to make sure she was truly alone and finding she wasn't Rarity gave a discontent huff.

It looked like it was one of those days, a day when her stylish creativity just didn't want to get out, a rare day she always thought of as a great loss to all of fashion. She turned her attention to the confections Pinkie had given her, she noticed three were missing (mostly on account of her sharp eye for detail and the fact she had yet to actually have one prior to that moment). Not sure where the rest of her snacks had gone she placed a simple locator charm on each of the rest of the confections after taking one for herself a daintily eating it.

Looking back at her plate after trying to enjoy the beauty of her surroundings she noticed another one of the treats missing, she immediately activated her spell. Following the spell, which didn't even take twenty seconds, found her staring at Twist, the poor dear hadn't learned the kind of magic she was best suited for. The violet bespectacled, white clad earthborn girl seemed to be trying her best do some kind of homework, and next to the work on her clipboard were the wrappers to her pilfered pastries. Rarity walked right up to the girl, who didn't seem to notice her approach.

Giving a polite cough to bring the girl's attention to her Rarity watched as the girl looked up from her work and gave a slight panic at the sight of the ivory robed enchantress. “Oh, miss Rarity, thorry I took your cupcakes without athking, you looked really focused on your work and I didn't want to interrlupt you.”

“It's okay, darling,” said Rarity with a flourishing toss of her violet hair with her white gloved hand in an elegantly fluid motion, “no harm was done, but next time at least have the courtesy to leave a note stating why you took the treats you pillaged from plate.” While giving the comment Rarity noticed the lisp, Twist hadn't had that last time she'd talked with her, there were a number of ways that such a 'quirk' could happen and since Rarity fancied herself a proper lady she chose to not delve into such things when not invited to speculate. “Why are you doing your schoolwork here instead of at home or a friend's house?”

“Ith kinda bithy at my house,” said Twist, “and I willy don't have any friends that close.”

“Oh, don't lose heart on that front, dear,” said Rarity, “but, seriously, ask someone next time you see food next to them before taking it, if they say yes then help yourself to a small portion, but if they say no then thank them for their time and leave them to their business. Now, run along home, I'm sure your family is quite worried about you staying out this late, no matter what the calendar says is tomorrow.”

“Okay,” said Twist as she gathered up her supplies, “Thanks mith Rarity, have a nice night.”

“You too, dear,” said Rarity as she got up and watched the youngster head off out of the park. “Now, if only I could solve my personal problem as easily,” she said to herself as she headed home, partially hoping for something to come to her by the time she got home.


It was late at night, thankfully Sweetie had enjoyed a home cooked meal with the Apple family, which was made evident when Rarity had bumped into Applejack and told about how much of delight it had been to have Sweetie for a few extra hours. Now Sweetie Belle was sound asleep in her bed while Rarity was threatening to wear out one end of a drawing pencil with her teeth. Staring down at the blank paper with her tired eyes she briefly saw a swan and moon flash individually from one another on the paper, suddenly it was like a stubborn illumination crystal had finally lit and she started to draw up dozens of designs on just as many sheets.


When Sweetie Belle sneaked down to get a glass of water she saw her sister sprawled in a surprisingly elegant manner at the drawing table with a little over three dozen sheets of paper around her like some kind impromptu magic circle or physically manifested aura. Rather than wake her sister Sweetie Belle just pulled the nearest large roll of fabric over Rarity like some sort of improvised blanket and headed back upstairs with her drink, giggling to herself about the times Rarity had scolded her for almost falling asleep in the door frame.

Author's Note:

I'm well aware this is short compared to most of the other chapters, that was unintentional. Although, considering the nature of the problem Rarity had in this chapter it is rather appropriate in hindsight. I was suffering a bit of a writer's block, I didn't want to post it with just two pages, fortunately I barely made three.