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This story is a sequel to A Queen's Lament

Just how much can love destroy before it heals? Ask Princess Cadance, Queen Chrysalis and Shining Armor as love, lust, desire and betrayal blur the lines in this sweeping finale of the Crystal Heart Saga

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I don't like "heart-breaker" Cadence in the comics, in the alternate dimension. This Cadence reinforces my distance for . . . . something? Cloak and dagger Cadence is better than a simple one. Gosh, now I want to read the comics.

So . . . very . . . tired.

I do not like shining X chrissy. But i do love this story u make it work 4 me :)

That was good i hope chressy gets with amor and get off scot free

did not see that comeing now i relly hope chressy gets 2 keep her kid and shining stays with her :ajsmug: i do love this story so much :twilightblush:

I'm with * changinggod45 this story rules also chressy is best pony

God dammit Cadence . . . . .

No no no cadence bad cady bad you do not make ponys love you it is bad :twilightangry2:

On in unrelated note good chapter as all ways :twilightsmile:

SA:twily,how could you!:trixieshiftright:

Wow,Twilight and her parent lied to their Shiny.It must be on case like that than trust is broken.

Threeway ship! Threeway ship! Threewa-

What?! You mean to tell me he solved it all and is now down to the wire on which group of ponies make their move to solve this whole fiasco?!

Let the problem and the conflict begin!

I find this appropriate.

Wow, reading your story reminds me of these . . . .

Original Sin
Forbidden Fruit

I did enjoy it and stell am i like what u have dun with cadince:twilightsmile:

Really looking forward to the further development :)

One thing though - you might want to change the age rating since certain parts while not very graphic still go into the M territory.

P.S. Man I am glad this chapter was "graphic" not in the way I initially feared.

And the shit hit the fan...go chrissy

That was nice make up sex and the fight was good to i hope chrissy gets a fair tril at lest and what her darters name...SHINING LOVE or LIFE LIGHT. what twi will think of her i hope nothing bad

And let this be the beginning of what is the mending part of the story, I mean really, it took this long for this series but then what other surprises or maybe problems we face.

Ok that was good i hope chrissy lives

danm u athen go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!‼!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:
i hope she gets saved at lest:pinkiesad2:

You know what always made me curious about "Chrysalis' trial" scenarios? Luna had committed arguably far greater crime as her actions didn't just endanger Equestria but lives of countless beings. No sun = cold + no plants = no crops = mass hunger and starvation = situation similar to what made dinosaurs go extinct.
Yet she never has to answer for it (rather than before herself, props to show writers here) neither she seems to show much sympathy to others in a similar situation in fan fiction.

And then there was Discord getting away with nearly causing xk-class end of the world scenario twice. Though I guess you can't really put a spirit of chaos through a trial XD

Wait, she is under a truth spell, shouldn't that mean she should have recollected her "first" action before her accused action in the nation? I mean there are two seperate actions being presented, with the first having the motive that overlaps to the second.

Well anyway, I am rooting for Chrysalis now.

Hm, never thought Celestia to be so... petty.
I mean it's not like Discord or Luna did even worse things kingdom-wise, did they?

no chrissy dont gave up

Uh...Discord basically can kill and reanimate or revive a pony and repeat the process again just to break the life "cycle" and order.

Nightmare moon plunging the world in darkness not only breaks the environment but also the whole ecosystem.

Chrysalis did'nt exactly come killing ponies, more of trapping them...
Yeah, I will root for this Chrysalis to succeed.

Cadance eats chicken? No wonder she's so ferocious, they say meat eating makes ponies go a bit feral.

i love this so much and happy for a good ending

I'm dying of feels right hear. Too much empathy and feels shall leave me apathic.

Just satisfyingly epic and conclusive to your Chrystal Heart saga. Just was hit by a trainload of feels that haven't been touched in some time. Especially with your original ending and epilogue. I only feel like I'm left wanting more on certain parts such as Twilight and Chrysalis moments that weren't expanded upon from your take on the series tie in, or more on why Celestia's POV reasoning in story. Unless I missed a part by accident. Either way all of it was great and quite emotional. Your epilogue just screams that their should be more to come from your universe whether it focuses on established characters, your OCs, your take on Equestria world building, and especially the overall emotional chemistry you bring with relationships.

Oooooh, he's started to regain his memories... Though how come nobody told him of the mare he used to date that he could no longer remember.


Oh buzz of, Twilight, you made everything worse.

So Shining is realising that the Cadance he truly gel in love with isn't the one he had now.

And the changelings were turned pony... A bit disappointed, since I like chitterlings a lot, but I'll wait and see where it goes.

I like your portrayal of Celestia. She's not vengeful, she seems rather disappointed that her ponies want her to wage genocide on an entire species.


Huh... I wonder if it's all in her mind or another dimension.


So Shining is starting to put it together that the mare he actually feel in love for had always been Chryssie. And nice that she didn't tell him how long she wad missing.


Them feels... :fluttercry:


Still lots of feels. I hope Chryssie will be psu, she's best pony.


Hahaha, Twilight being angry at Shining for having secrets while she kept Chrystal's existence from him. And I like how she thinks she knows best who he should be with.


Cadance doesn't have weekday she wants so she'll take our by force, free will be dammed.

Can't wait for or to blow up in her face


Very tastefully written, I applaud thee.


Everyone's hurtin'.


And Chryssie continues causing a shit storm without actually doing anything. :rainbowlaugh:


That was an intense chapter, but now the mending can commence.

I still your style of writing sex, nothing explicit, but still paints a clear picture on the reader's mind.


Of your going to kill Chryssie off, I am going to be SO mad!


6406616 You see, but Luna is off the pony master race and she's Celestia's sister, of course she gets props. And Discord sty least isn't a big. I mean harmony and tolerance, but who'd want to be friends with a bug?

Athen cam go and die now, his argument is stupid.


Celestia, you petty cunt... You absolve your sister from trying to end the world, you absolve the god of chaos from his deeds, but you sentence someone to death for a desperate attack they killed nobody. Fuck you.

I hope Chryssie survives...


Woo, Celestia #rekt.

But is still sad that they can't be together. :fluttercry:


Them feels... But they were good feels. A happy ending, they deserved it. Now I wonder if Twilight will ever find out.

That was a ride, an emotional roller coaster. I still hate Celestia for her decision and I'm sad that Elytra killed herself and Odonata died... But at least Chryssie and Shining are together.


A really good and heartbreakingly story (all three of them).
The development of the characters was really beautiful and I am Glad that Chrysalis got a happy end here :raritywink:,
even if Shining needed a little long to make the right decision in the end for my taste. :trollestia:

Thank you for this little masterpiece, I am looking forward to read your next story when it is finished.

Im gonna go be depressed and shit.

Not too bad. A story that had some weaknesses, but a pretty good read alright. I wouldn't have minded a proper sequel to this.

6173435 there's a weird story on this site, "of princesses and changelings", where Celestia and Chrysalis are in love, and Cadence keeps trying to break them up...

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