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She was but a monster, to ponykind. One who simply wished to devour their love, and make them suffer. It's true, she didn't care much about those colorful ponies. But when her people are the ones suffering, is she really such a monster?

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Yay, another Chrysalis possibility. I Don't know, I like new characters because of new ideas. And when new ideas pop up, I write those first, prolonging my old ideas.

And just to dismiss claims: NO I DID NOT USE A REAL SONG.

Short and sweet and good. One bit of grammar nazism, numbers (like 2nd in command and the 4 who passed) should usually be written out as full words. It makes the text flow a bit nicer. Thumbs up in any case.

This was great. I really liked the way you portrayed the changelings in the story. For once, they weren't just mindless love-suckers (god I love that word), but a people with a history and hope.
To be perfectly honest with you, you could easily make this into a proper story and not just a one-shot. You shouldn't make it too long, but the opportunity is there for a few more chapters.

No words, no comment.
Simply, beautiful.

:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::raritydespair::raritycry:i promised my self i wouldnt cry.. *wipes eye*

535376 534454 533613 You guys... are making me feel like a genius!

533686 Nazism is necessary at times. And I corrected the first three I found XD

534100 Darn. You shouldn't have said that. Because now I see the possibilities. :derpytongue2:

537878 Maybe it's because..... :trixieshiftleft:
You are? :yay:

537884 I know right?

Reminds me of the Zerg and the Queen of Blades, but ponyfied and without the need of murder :twilightsheepish:

But congratulations, you managed to make me like Chrysalis even more :pinkiehappy:

"Angel, Angel what have I done?" :derpytongue2:

539267 *hiss* LEAVE! IT'S ALL ORIGINAL! XD
Nice catch. It seems that all of my stories are inspired by a song. So I incorporate them sometimes.

And I've never played Starcraft, so that makes me feel awesome that I managed to make a similarity (somewhat)

My god that was beautiful :fluttercry:

I like this Chrysalis; however she may have acted towards everypony else, you can't say she isn't a kind and caring ruler. Nice to see some changeling culture as well.

540940 I love how I am unable to see it as beautiful as everybody else. Im a cursed man, i guess :pinkiesad2:

545073 Since it wasn't much to come up with, I had an easy time. But yeah, I always pictured her as a caring Queen. She went to such great lengths to feed her subjects, after all.

546849 i know that feel bro i know that feel

546849 That's the curse of having written it and thus being unable to look at it from a non-subjective viewpoint.

XD Very true. :pinkiesmile:

Instant thumbs-up. :ajsmug:

I love how you showed the whole incident from the perspective of the Changelings. Far too often, we (the viewers/readers) are left with only one side of the story. Brilliantly executed. :twilightsmile:

Good job breaking it brony!
Once again, somepony has clearly damaged my eye ball lubrication system, because the confounded things are leaking profusely again!

yup, I think of it that way too. I basically imagine that while they planned to invade, originally it was gonna be a stealth invasion where they just replaced the bride and some party guests and guards, then integrated themselves fully for once instead of gorging a bit on love and having to flee suspicions, as Chrysalis-as-Cadence could exercise her royal rank to block investigations and the like, but Shining Armor was such a lovey-dovey sap that she got drunk on power and went all Palpatine suddenly.
"UUUUNLIIIMITED POOOOOWEEEEER HUHUHUHEHEHEHAHAHA!!!!! :pinkiecrazy:" And that's where the episode cuts in. I like how all of her lines kind of hint at the possibility but never outright confirm. Can you say fanon-bait? :trollestia:

620817 well, it would be great fanon bait if I could get some traction on this story. I'm not well known, And I can't get it out in public view anymore :twilightsheepish: But I'm glad you like it!

I feel sorry for the injured Changelings.

Looks promising for a sequel

This makes me love the Queen even moar.. I need to get around to writing my fanfiction about her. This story is just.. I love it ^-^

802796 You know. with random people randomly commenting randomly saying they love this... I'm getting more and more tempted to write another story with this caring Chrysalis.
BTW, you should send me a link when you finish. I cant get enough of Changeling :P

804974 will do.. when I get a break from my art. And I would love to see another ^^

Sweet is not the right word. Beautiful encompasses too much. I think the best way to describe this is either real, believable, or sad. If sad then you must add beautiful.

I hope you decide to continue this story (looks like it's been a while since you wrote it). :fluttershysad:

804974 One can NEVER have enough Chrysalis^^ :twilightsmile: nice work^^ I'd like to see what happens to the Hive after this^^

Nice :twilightsmile: but short :fluttershysad:

I always thought about Chrysalis' goals relating to feeding her subjects interesting. It gives a typical villain a nice touch of depth and an understanding as to why she did what she did in my opinion. Great story!


She is a villain.

Buti never saw her as evil. Just different, and in desperation. A mother will do anything for her children.

"A true queen will see her people fed before she sits to feast..." as the song goes.

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