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Chrysalis is desperate. Her hosts for feeding on emotions are depleted. As each day passes, more and more of her changelings wither and perish. Thanks to outsiders entering her homeland, there seems to be no hope for her and her family. Only a miracle could save them.

This is my entry into Equestria Daily's 5th Flash Fiction. The rules state I have to write a fic that involves Chrysalis being happy. The trick? It can NOT result from Chryssie either winning at the wedding, or taking over any part of Equestria as well as be 1500 words minimum.

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How sweet. Enough dogs can keep a whole Hive well fed.

Interesting story, I like it.:pinkiesmile:
But, this Chrysalis is definitely not the Chrysalis we know from the show.
That one isn't so soft and even moral.

To paraphrase Cinema Sins: Garble is a dick to ponies

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