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Moon Brush


Moon Brush: Artpony Extraordinaire · 9:42pm Dec 5th, 2011

I shall be uploading what I have today, hopefully I get modded soon,. and well.. get on here lol

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Hey thanks so much for the watch and the fav :3

Thank you very much for the watch! Have some custard!

Stupid of me to have never said thanks isn't it?! Thank you so much for watching me! It means the world and more :twilightsheepish:

Don't worry about searching for inspiration. It comes weather you like it or not. (Seriously, I thought up an idea for an horror story while reading an romance. A romance!) If your going to be publishing though, I wish you plenty of luck in that regard and that your story will find the featured box. :twilightsmile:

63808 You are very welcome, and now that I have my account back from wherever it was lost to, I will write stuff :D so.. yay. Just need inspiration..

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