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I'm just a guy who enjoys writing stories and making art, please enjoy my work.

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Night Patrol 2 Update · 4:00am June 17th

The next chapter is probably 80-90% done, minus the first round of editing. I had some writer's block and some busy work week that slowed me down. I wrote like 5k of stuff and ended up not using it because I didn't think it fit with the direction of the story. So I had to start the chapter from scratch, I think I got it now.

ETA is probably before the end of next week, but I'm only guessing.

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Report Foxgear · 9 views · Story: Night Patrol 2: Awakening · #Luna
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God damn you! Mac, God damn you and your amazing fertile balls!.

That frase will forever be remembered in FimFiction history. Oh my lungs 🤣😂🤣

If/when you do ever get the time, please let me know.

Sorry I’m in the middle of a three chapter finale with the busy season for work creeping close. I don’t have the time right now.

Is it okay if I made a new request?

  • Viewing 104 - 108 of 108
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