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I'm just a guy who enjoys writing stories and making art, please enjoy my work.

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New Night Patrol art · 4:59am Dec 10th, 2017

Hi guys, I'm doing some more Night Patrol art, starting with the Monster Ponies, Emerald Cutter, Overheat, and Kira, as anthro/humans I'll probably be going through most of the major squads in the coming weeks, so feel free to check it out


Report Foxgear · 34 views · Story: Night Patrol · #Art #oc #luna #night #royalguard
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Your welcome.

Thank you for faving Two In Exile and keeping Twilight and Sunset company as they try to get by in the human world. :twilightsmile:

2281711 No problem, they seem interesting!

Thank you for your interest in Hunting Season and Sunset Sandwich!

2210309 Well I wrote five stories in May. Sometimes I go on streaks where my creative side is in over-drive and then there are times when my mind is as dry as a rock. I have LOTS of material if you're interested in my other works. I will admit, some of it isn't anything to write home about though!

  • Viewing 83 - 87 of 87
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