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I'm just a guy who enjoys writing stories and making art, please enjoy my work.

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What I've been up too · 9:07pm April 9th

It's been awhile since I finished my last fanfic and in the meantime I've been working on my own original novel. I wrote 100k words in 6 months or 200+ pages! I've finished the first Draft in February and have been working on the second draft since mid march. Looking forward to when it's finally finished and I can publish it. My current plan is to publish on amazon, but it would be nice to have a literary agent.

Still looking into that, but I want to have the best draft possible.

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Apologies again, I'm hoping to bring NP2 to the end before the end of the year.

It's fine, no worries :)

Afraid so, I'm trying to finally finish my last big story and my work is also busy. So my time is finite. Sorry.

Still busy?
I understand if you are

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