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The senistro joker · 9:27pm Jan 21st, 2017

Recently (the pst couple weeks) one of my favorite authors, the senistro joker, has been geting dislikes, for no reson, and groups adding his storys to the groups dasinged to rip people down he almost quit writing because of this. Now his friend hopelight already made there fans awaer of this and SJ has stated his hate for this a multitude of times. Im here to say i saport SJ and hope that whoevers doing this either stops or to quote hopelight get found and guted like a fish. becausethey are

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Thanks for the fav! Likes and comments are appreciated!

Also, I'm so sorry I didn't say it, but Sweet Sweet Smallfoot is done. :yay:

2443641 KO thanks for adding my story into your favorites and hope you enjoy it and tell all your friends about it!!!! :pinkiehappy:(X40):rainbowdetermined2:(X30)

Thanks for the fav, what did you like?

new Sweet Sweet Smallfoot chapter up.

New Sweet Sweet Smallfoot chapter up.

Another Past Awakens chapter up.

Thanks for the favourite.

2433660 oh. My apologies. :twilightsheepish:

Wait, do you mean the one posted today?

2433654 already read it, but thanks for leting me know

another edition to Past Awakens has been posted and MORE PEOPLE DIE! :fluttershysad:

new chapter of Sweet Sweet Smallfoot up.

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