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This is a group for both versions of the GoBots. If your a fan of Challenge of the GoBots and/or if your a fan of Go-Bots (Transformers Go-Bots) or even the Transformers G2 Go-Bots your welcome to talk about them all you want here. I'm letting the other Go-Bots toylines/series to be on here because Transformers have more then one universe/cartoon/comic so all GoBots series is allowed on this group. Also if anyone want to be an Admin just ask okay.

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'Ello! I'm the 41st member! Yaaaaaayyyyyy!
I like the Gobots, too.

Oh, terribly sorry. A friend of mine in the group invited me. I neglected to notice that they weren't the founder. :twilightblush:

Not a fan, by hey, thanks for the invite <3

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