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I'm just a guy who enjoys writing stories and making art, please enjoy my work.


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  • TBurning Embers
    Ember is invited to attend the Galloping Gala to further improve pony and dragon relations. She accepts, but she has a different goal in mind, one involving her and Spike and she's stacked the deck to make sure he will be hers!
    Foxgear · 1.7k words  ·  156  11 · 7.8k views
  • TSound of Silence
    Vinyl Scratch wakes up in the hospital with her sister Octavia standing over her.
    Foxgear · 2k words  ·  77  3 · 1.6k views
  • TNight Patrol 2: Awakening
    A thousand years she was in the moon, now she's back and living in a strange new world. Her friends and comrades gone, nothing but dust in the dirt. With only her sister Luna look towards the future, but the past keeps calling her back.
    Foxgear · 544k words  ·  49  2 · 1.4k views
  • TNight Patrol
    After the defeat of Discord Princess Celestia and Luna took the throne, fifty years later Luna is tired of ponies fearing her night and praising the day. Thus she begins an epic adventure to make the night safer for her subjects
    Foxgear · 196k words  ·  68  6 · 2.6k views