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I'm just a guy who enjoys writing stories and making art, please enjoy my work.


This story is a sequel to Night Patrol

A thousand years she was on the moon, now she's back and living in a strange new world. Her friends and comrades are gone, nothing but dust in the dirt. With only her sister Luna looks towards the future, but the past keeps calling out to her. Her beloved soldiers of the night calling out to her through the ages.

What words did they leave her? What mystery did they leave for her solve? What will happen when she opens the doors of the past? Will it bring a new age of hope and peace, or destruction and misery?

What if she wasn't the only thing to awaken?

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Well, glad to see it has a sequel, the first one was very good.

7728845 Thank you, I hope you like the Sequel too!

7730113 I do already, surprised that I was the first to comment honestly.

7730323 My longer stories always seem to be a slow burn before they start picking up steam, which is fine. People will find it and I hope they enjoy it. Though I do need to finish editing the first story.

7730338 hmm.. I did not notice any grammar issues in the first story. I suppose that explains why I was not a great editor lol

7730370 Most of them are words that are spelled similarly, so you might not have noticed them, and commas. I did do a bunch of editing from ch 1 to roughly twenty and in the lost quarter of the story, there just a bit between those that needs to be edited.

7730446 Well you do a better job then I ever did.

7730495 Thank you and I can safety it wasn't always this way, I look back on some of my early stories and think (Oh shit what was I writing and why didn't I pay attention in English!)

cool, there were a few things you have left unclear in the firste part, namely whay happen to vee vee and hoovenstein

7746370 Since I had decided to do the sequel I left Vee Vee in story limbo so I could use her down the line again. This is a bit embarrassing to admit but I thought I kill off Hoofenstien in the last arc, but maybe I didn't. I'm gonna have to go check that, but are you perhaps thinking of Madhoof? Hoofenstien's partner?

If so then there is a spin-off story involving him.

either case I'm very happy for you taking the time to comment and I hope you continue to enjoy the story! Chapter 3 is just around the corner.

a spin-off ? What's it's name ?

7746451 it's called What Needs to be Done Its about what happened to Nico and Madhoof and already has two sequels, What must be done and This is what we do, all of them are set in the EQG world and take place between the movies.

Did not plan to blow through Luna's time in the first season to quickly, but that was a lack of planning on my part but it will pan out here quick. I don't want things to be rushed.

7764538 I'm glad to hear that :twilightsheepish: I hope you continue to enjoy the story!

7839366 You know what they say about old habits and drama.

You brought in Girls und Panzer? That is both cute and funny

8013777 Never watched Girl und Panzer, I've heard about it, but tanks were already in the story, so decided to expand on that.

You know, the names of the tank teams all have a certain theme. And the last one spells message. Trying to say something.

Also, YES!! I have been waiting for the next chapter of this!

you know I'm almost temped to do a one shot where Celestia does play Nightmare Moon for charity, it sounds like something she would do and the idea is mildly interesting at the very least.

Could be. I'll have to think on it.

Talking about clan names makes me wonder what Fluttershys' clan name is.

I would pick Fluttershy McButtercloud

Is the Kaiser Doctor Hoofenstein? And did he find a way to become an immortal?

I take a guess PMK-8 stands for Panzerkampfwagen VIII - the Maus.

Took me a few days to read through all your hard and very impresing hard work that is here.
Everything adds up nicely and I await to see what Princess Luna of the Night will do at this point.

Keep up the amazing work

Thank you, I hope to live up to expectations.

Please tell me that your going to bring Sixes and the rest of the Night Patrol back for the wedding and if not, then maybe for when the Crystal Empire comes back.

the wedding will be epic, all guns blazing even

Really go check out sabotons all guns blazing song it's kind of theme song the wedding saga

I am hoping to see the Night Patrol at the wedding that would be an amazing fight and to see the reaction of the royal gaurds would be priceless. Keep up the great work.


Thank you I will, it makes me happy that people are looking forward to the return of the night patrollers

Out did yourself again. Should be proud of your work.

I’m glad you think so, I’m always a bit anxious whenever I post a new chapter. I always feel they can be better.

add in her experience and everything shes done not hard at all to see ponies feeling inferior to Celestia. Heck if it wasn't for Nightmare Moon ponies are likely to feel the same about Luna and that likely in the future

Very True. I think we even see a little of that with Twilight in the show.

The suspense is biulding up. A quick side note.

Spit Fire does have a mouth but cussing in front of Royalty doesnt add to her character though. I get where you were coming from. I have to say impressive chapter. Luna home, changlings in the castle. wedding in a week or so.

Keep up the good work


Thank you. I'm glad you continue to enjoy the story.

I guess I'm not sure what to say about the Spitfire scene. I was more focus on showing Celestia's sterner side, then thinking how it would look on Spitfire. I guess the way I would look at it, is Spitfire is much more relaxed around the Princesses now then in the beginning, perhaps a bit too relaxed, so that might come into play later now that I'm thinking about it.

Still glad you pointed that out, it will help down the line.

So beautiful and devialnt on the queens part.


Let me guess, Luna's going to be fighting her own war soon.

The moment we have all waited for! The Night Patrol is finally awake once more.

I hope you feel better Foxgear. This is a moment long waited for.

Icy Night

Thanks, it's getting better, but I'm a bit off 100% yet. Congrats on Finishing the audio reading. Unfortunately I didn't have time to edit the final chapters or listen because of my cold. Even just listen to the radio gave me headaches right now.

Indeed. I'm really excited for the next couple arcs. I hope you enjoy them!

This and it's prequel are among my top 3 favorite stories. Of course I shall the next arcs!

I love how you made this what it really should have been. Celestia could have defeated Chrysalis, but at the cost of the lives of everypony in the room. So, of course, she could not do it.

Abit hard to focus at times. Enjoyed it all the same.

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