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He had to look down to see her. A pony, a creature no bigger than a goat, stood on his doorstep. Her pale blue fur and ragged, blood-red mane couldn’t have looked more out of place in a town of goats and minotaurs. Kev stared at her, wondering what to do. His father would’ve chased her away with a club and a string of obscenities. His grandfather would’ve eaten her. His great grandfather would’ve eaten her and not gone to prison for it.

A story about one minotaur’s relationship with his society, his family, and his wife.

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Cover art by Ruirik
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Well, I was going to go do other things. Most recent caught my attention.

The introductory sentences felt like rather big word blots at first. It gets better, but still. Words presented so that you can't relate to them much, yet.

Like "one hour ago" or especially "surrounding the mine on the eastern slope." I guess it works, but it takes some to mow through the intro.

Otherwise shaping good on a lengthy style. Main hook on story events. Bleak presentation shaping up as there's more to think about, relate to.

that only child could

Misses a "a"?

surprisedly deft

Not that I'm a real nitpicker. (Pretty sure I wrote "surprisedly" sometimes in my past. Or atleast stuff alike.)

Kev stared at her, wondering what to do. His father would’ve chased her away with a club and a string of obscenities. His grandfather would’ve eaten her. His great grandfather would’ve eaten her and not gone to prison for it.

If that's any good show of story to come, I'll have to check this out. Accretion has merits, and this style isn't ubiquitous on fimfic. Nice so far. Toodles.

Author Interviewer

Yay, it's here! :D

I had no idea "surprisedly" was a real word…
Thanks for pointing those out!

It is, and your help getting it here is greatly appreciated :pinkiehappy:

Excellent world-building, but the plot seems a little rushed. No matter, I'm looking forward to reading this one, and finding out just what could have driven a pony away from her homeland without the possibility of return.

Well this is interesting. I wonder why Morning Dew has to flee Equestria.

Interesting start. Looking forward to the rest.

I look forward to learning more about minotaur culture.

Darn I'm intrigued now I have to follow this story. :rainbowwild:

The setting seems very middle eastern or Turkish to me.

Great stuff so far. A sign of a good author is the ability to seamlessly work worldbuilding and exposition into dialogue, which you seem to be able to do quite well.

This is fascinating. I'm looking forward to where you take this.

Brave brave Morning Dew, you'll love her in the end Kev.

the Minos national flag: a minotaur at the center of a green maze with no entrance or exit.

The symbolism is overwhelming.

This is really awesome so far! They all seem like believable characters in an interesting setting. I'm putting this on my tracking list, posthaste!

The story continues to grow more interesting.

I wonder what else about Morning Dew will end up impressing Kev?

I'm definitely intrigued by Morning Dew's past. A little surprised by how primitive the Minatours are. From what little we've seen of them, they seem to have a higher level of technology than Equestria, so it's a bit surprising these ones don't even have electricity. Then again, this is a really remote village.

All of the goats now have an accent. Vietnamese, I think.

I love this story BlazzingInferno keep up the good work.


I feel the need to point out that no character, group, or location here is a reference to a real person, ethnic group, or country. That's one of the reasons I chose to tell this story in the MLP universe, to avoid such comparisons. :scootangel:
The goats are just goats, the minotaurs are just minotaurs, Minos is just Minos, etc.
I hope you enjoy the rest of the story :heart:

Oh, I know. Just, in my head, when that first goat spoke to Kev, it had a Vietnamese accent. I don't even know why. That's just what my brain thinks they sound like.

Of course not, that's just the first comparison which popped into my head, the resemblance is very vague.

It's good to see Tam getting along so well with his Auntie Dew.

And now I'm waiting for Kev to be surprised that she can communicate with him, only to discover that she still couldn't speak his language.

Speaking of pony magic, what if all other races were more-or-less unmagical? Would that make ponies the equivalent of elves or some other fey?

You have a very impressive setup here! I'm already invested in the building of the relationship between Kev and Morning Dew.
Looking forward to more!

Daaaaw! My heart exploded at the end.:heart:

You owe me a new heart now.

I like it more each and every chapter.

I love this story..

mrk #27 · Feb 2nd, 2016 · · · Water ·

That's a little ambiguous. Is she waving a final farewell? Or is she giving a friendly wave as they both warm up to each other?

The time skip was unexpected, but interesting. Rather than making the story be about the beginning hurdles of their relationship and what society thinks about it, you've gone for a different angle.

I hope to continue to be so pleasantly surprised.

6898303 It's implied she's walking to the Oasis.

He saw her do this every morning: as he walked to work, she did the same.

All right, that's it. This story has earned a spot on my favourites list. You have crafted what is becoming a compelling story, and it just keeps getting better and better.

Wow talk about bad luck days.

O_O OH S*********

Shit, with everything turning upside down, I wouldn't be surprised if Kev loses his job eventually too...
Hesitantly looking forward to the next chapter.

In the words of the great Weir Al Yankovic,
"A 747 crashed into my den
And there's nothing but tater tots for dinner again.
It's just one of those days."

Oh my Celestia! The briefcase and the corporate minotaur are still in the office! :raritydespair: This is reeeeeally bad. Not only are there freekin boulders crashing towards the village, the corporate minotaur is probably dead or trapped, the village workers will never get their paychecks (plus they might lose everything with this rock slide) and Kev will probably be suspected of intentional murder because this dude was closing down the mine! How could things get so bad so fast?! :raritycry:

Such a good story. Poor Kev. I'm so looking forward to the next chapter!

wait, wtf just happened? Seems like all of the stories I read are getting super dark all of a sudden.

Uh oh. Really liking this story so far. Can't wait for more. :pinkiehappy:

A couple of goats there who really need some percussive justice.

6909948 Vultures the lot of them...

Well, this got much darker in a hurry. I hope Kev can convince whoever's going to decide his fate that he was mad with grief at the time and he thought Tuft Head was looting his wife's corpse.

That said, yay for finally establishing verbal communication!

Are the goats idiots? What did they think would happen?

Was the stupid thieving corpserobber goat's fault anyway but yay understanding Morning Dew now.

Blood feels so short as a chapter:fluttercry:

This should definately be required reading, what a brilliant story! Eleven out of ten for you, I'll be counting the minutes until this updates again :twilightsmile:

This story is so freaking amazing.

A most excellent start.

Minators... One of the least featured races, with so much to offer.

You've done well giving us a relatable main character, a family that feels so right, a real society that functions (even if it isn't up to our standards, reminds me of Rome or Greece or Sparta), and several good conflicts.

Ok. Damn. This is awesome.

Story never lets up. Each chapter is a new punch and time jump.

I don't even know what's happened. And that's awesome

Is this an ending or a new beginning?

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