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A violent series of twitches propels Pinkie toward Fluttershy's cottage just as Discord is complaining about how regularized his chaos has seemed lately.

Ponyville might want to batten down its hatches.

The original version of this story won 1st place in the 101st Writeoff contest, "Reversal of Fortune," and the cover art is a commission from Kyumiku.

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This looks interesting.

Have you noticed how Pinkie Pie is the one pony in Equestria who honestly freaks Discord out? It's quite fascinating. I think it's because she's weird and chaotic and random and has no sense of personal space, and he doesn't know how to handle it.

The write-off version was wonderfully whimsical, and this version is still totally charming. Nice work!

So why'd you change the story if it was good enough to win first place in a writeoff contest?


Thanks, folks!


We could all use a good freaking out now and again... :pinkiehappy:


'Cause there's always room for improvement. There's a quote from somebody that a piece of creative work is never finished--it's just abandoned. There's always more fiddling that can be done to any picture or story or poem.


Discopie always makes for a fun, if world-threatening ship. Thank you for a fantastic example of why.

What a very odd shipfic.

Quite odd and beautiful.


Thanks, folks!

I always try to put the "love" in "acidophilus" when I write a romance story...which could explain a few things about my romance stories, now that I think about it... :eeyup:


This observation invigorated the hundreds of tiny Pinkies that coursed through her body like marbles through an increasingly intricate series of cardboard paper-towel tubes taped together and strung up from the walls of—

...Mental ward? Have you visited a psychiatrist at all? I don't think 'hundreds of tiny yous' are normal.

She would have to disguise herself, of course—this was easily a two false mustache situation—

More than that - dye your fur grey, straighten your mane, act despondent, and hop on the first train out of here.


Maybe if they were:

Hundreds of tiny ewes? Then she'd hafta go to the Crystal Empire!

Or maybe dye her mane grey, get some little half-glasses, go back in time, and get herself elected Mayor of Ponyville! :pinkiehappy:


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