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Rarity receives an invitation to Equestria’s most exclusive and secretive social club. The only catch is, she can only attend if she brings her lawfully wedded spouse. Fortunately, there’s a certain purple dragon who’s willing to help her overcome this little difficulty. It’s a simple, foolproof plan: get married, attend the club, and then get an annulment. Nothing is ever that simple, however… not their weekend, not their friendship, and certainly not their marriage.

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Slice of Life tag, because, y'know, marrying someone for the weekend is what everypony does round here.

5711717 And a minor, no less.

Is this going to be a swingers' club? I bet it is.

What a bucking sleaze.:facehoof:

I like where this is going. definitely gonna fav and put on the watch list

Let me explain: this symbol is the emblem of The Blue Pony Society, the most secretive and exclusive gathering of high-society ponies in all of Equestria.

Ponies... Ponies.
Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I feel like that club isn't going to like a mare married to a dragon.

Also, I can't wait to see what their reactions will be if somepony asks if they're thinking of having foals or something. I would also say something like "can't wait to see them screw up when they get asked how was their wedding and both give diferent answers", but Rarity is too smart for that... hopefully.

Well this is an original idea. I'll put this on my to read list for when its completed.


So you're going to get married just to get into an exclusive club? Wow, Rarity, this is a new low for you.

Hmm, excuse me while I follow this story like a fat kid follows the ice-cream truck.

I'm interested. Very interested.

Welcome, Spike the Great and Honorable Brave and Glorious and Rarity . . :moustache::duck:

:twilightoops: Spike? You just don't wed Royalty and undo it like changing socks.

:raritystarry: Wut?

:facehoof: Spike's a Royal ward, His Royal attachments are undoable including you !:raritystarry: Oh bobbin !

Ohhhhhhh Boy !:moustache:


Interesting. I definitely want to read more:raritywink:

Surely a club with such prestige would be founded on elitist principles. Dragons ew.

Oh she's not gonna......

Also marriage to be in a club? Call them all rip off artists and kick em in the shins or nads.

Rarity 'aught to be glad Twilight didn't slap her.

Knowing Pinkie, she'll tell everypony about this and alerted Twi's family, Rarity's family, the Princesses and all Tartarus will break loose in under 15 seconds flat,

5714191 15 seconds? She's probably done it PREEMPTIVELY and they'll walk out the door, see that, and silently wonder if the door was pretending to be the Gates of Tartarus....

A Royal snobbish gloat fest will be a bust & Rares will find the real gem of Thee Great and Honorable Brave and Glorious Spike thee Dragon'.

A swingers club? I, I ,,I :raritystarry:

:twilightoops: Wut did you two do?

:moustache: Should of gone to Las Pegasus cause What happens in Las Pegasus stays in Las Pegasus:duck::moustache::facehoof:

15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 3, 2, 1. . .:rainbowlaugh: gotcha!

Let's see if they are going to stay married after this.

So it requires Twilight's signature to nullify it too, I see. :twilightsmile:

I almost expected the vows from the end of Spaceballs here.

He’s one of my dearest friends, and I give you my word that he’ll have a lovely time as my husband…


within the bounds of decency and reason, of course.”


the marriage can be completely nullified with the written agreement of all parties involved. Just sign on your respective lines right here, and we’ll repeat the process when you get back.”

disaster. that spells disaster.

This can only end in hilarity.

Or tragedy.

Not sure which, actually...

Why does this set up seem like a swingers club:rainbowlaugh:

They better thank god pinkie pie didn't find out or the whole town would know.

I was on the fence for this... but seeing that at least Twilight knows that Rarity's taking advantage of Spike's feelings and is unhappy, I am quite more down with it. Protective of Spike Twilight is one I quite like. :twilightsmile: Even if she's not going to be around to help anymore.

Good luck, Spike. I think you'll need it.

I don't even like Sparity, but this summary is intriguing enough for me to check it out. Your writing powers are powerful, Mr. / Mrs. Author Person.

Thanks for being willing to give this a shot :twilightsmile:

Not in this case, although that's only said in subtle ways; one of which is in chapter one

This smacks to me of a comedy, so I am surprised it is not tagged as such.

I am not a Sparity fan, but Level Dasher has told me this is good, so I will track and follow for now.

Marrying just to get into a club?! This story sounds awful!!! Why would anyone like this stor-

*sees it's a Sparity story*


But seriously, I like this funny story so far and hope to see more!

I originally planned to tag it as such, but Level Dasher talked me out of it. Comedy isn't the focus of the story, but I certainly intend to give readers a few laughs along the way.

Thanks for giving this a shot :twilightsmile:

Probably because that is totally what it is
Spike is going to have a blast :moustache:
Rarity Is going to find out Blueblood set it up :raritydespair:

You know, originally my feelings were very similar to the short description, awful idea by Rarity, great idea by Spike, and then the thing about the scrolls came up. Now I realize that it is a truly brilliant idea, a weekend with the mare he loves and not having to deal with all those scrolls during his weekend. I am a little surprised that Rarity didn't have any thoughts on how showing up with a dragon would be taken... but then again she is planning on showing up to a club for couples without a husband after the first meeting... Truly, an awful plan on her part.

Excellent writing and grammar, and a rather compelling story. Hope these planned updates aren't too far apart.


It looks like "Ponies" in this manner is in the same way that we refer to people, especially if there is more actual persons in the crowd. We have seen times when Spike is in a group with a lot of ponies, and they say 'everypony' and meaning every single person in the room regardless of species. Consequenctely, it is usually a point of emphasis when we have to make it sure that the non-pony characters are available as well.

I don't like Sparity.

It however does not change the fact that this is a good story.

I think this is a bad plan for a few different reasons, however I want to see how Spike at least tries to use it to his advantage or how it will blow up in Rarity's face. So for now I'll stick around.

Rarity, replacing obvious affection with supplicating pleasing of you means he hasn't gotten over his feelings for you, just got over the first stage of doing it wrong.

He's still doing it wrong, but he's... arguably better. Maybe. It mostly just got more complicated, especially because you've convinced yourself it is no longer complicated.

Okay. This isn't going to be swingers. This is a club where rich ponies get together to bob for apples and play horseshoes and fart, isn't it? That's why Fleur specifically mentioned the garden party that her friends crashed and turned into a drunken hootenanny.

It's going to be upper crust nobles acting like boorish clydes, and Rarity's expectations are going to get subverted, and Spike will thrive in this environment. Rara will be be moping the whole time, and fall in love with Spike because he's going to go out of his way trying to make sure she has fun.

Well it'll be fun when the not so little secret gets out.

5719279 Well, I'm hoping that the part were the rich lets loose is spot on. Rarity's reaction will be priceless to say the least.:rainbowlaugh: What would be really funny is that Spike actually either friends with a few of the ponies or is an actual member of the club but he just thought he was kept being invited to crazy parties and stuff.

I will cheer for a Blueblood, Fancy, Spike belching contest

Man, I am going to stand by my previous comment. This is comedy.

I'd say that not tagging this comedy is hurting your numbers, Blazzing. Not every comedy has to be out and out yuks all the time, this story has far more of a feel of a comedy of errors. I mean, that may change later, but if the story is as it stands right now, then it is a comedy and honestly needs a comedy tag. Rom Coms do a lot better than straight Rom/SoL's.

Hero of the Crystal Empire Scribe and ward to Her Highness Princess Celestia Messenger and Assistant to Princess Twilight Sparkle Cousin to Princess Candence and Prince shining Armor I present you the Great , Honorable Brave and Glorious Spike thee Dragon:moustache: and:raritydespair: Rarity of Ponyville dress shop owner

All the Nobles will know Spike and his contacts, Raritys dream will be crushed.

:twilightoops: You did what? with Rarity !
:moustache: Wut?
:ajsmug: We run around naked anyway

:moustache: Who said anything about running?:raritystarry::facehoof:

Its gonna be a swingers club the winks:raritywink: said it all :rainbowlaugh:

:twilightsmile: My hope is that you'll enjoy the story, regardless of your view on the couple

Level Dasher was a big help when it came to polishing things. As for the update rate, you won't have to wait long at all :raritywink:

5719536 5719804
Yeah, probably a good idea. Hey, you can't ALWAYS be right. :derpytongue2:

Why do I feel that the 'married' couple will meet familiar faces?

Oh this is going to end well. And by well I mean a bloody massacre.

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