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On her vacation in the town of Gold Springs, Rarity finds a dragon. He won't let go of her coin, and now she has no idea what to do with him.

Spanish Translation is Available! Thank you so much to SPANIARD KIWI for the work!

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Dude, you have no idea how much you could do with this story, you could make slice of life chapters and the many shenanigans that can happen between mini smaug and rarity.

I know I read a Tumblr or Reddit post screencap of the little market dragon and his coin, I just can't remember where.
This went in a different direction than I thought it would, but pretty good, nonetheless.

AT first I thought this was going off be a funny little one shot about a dragon the annoyed rarity by refusing to let go of her money.

But this is just as exciting.

You're really marking this complete? You could expand so much on this.

I actually remember seeing the cover art somewhere a few years ago, and I think there was more of the dragon...
But anyway, nice and cute story :twilightsmile:

Very cute. Though it got a little somber there, at the end. In addition to wanting to see more baby dragon hoarding shenanigans, you have me wondering what caliber of dragon Chirp's mother was, and what exactly brought her down. Nice fic.


So I take it from the picture the dragon is Smaug?


*I would put a "Please sir, I want some more." GIF here, but I'm too lazy for that.*



... if you're up to it, of course. No pressure if you're uncertain. You do you.

I think it was iguanamouth that did the additional art? I'm not sure. But it's definitely a Tumblr Original. I'm just SUPER happy to see that someone went fic with it :D

Ayyyy, I remember the Reddit post about coin dragons! Such a cute concept, a little dragon that comes with your pocket change. I'll have to give this a read.

I really liked the first three quarters, but the latter part after Twilight Spike and Chirp meet just seems really rushed with tons of exposition crammed in a a blistering rate.

so sweet. My eyeballs got a cavity and I'm okay with that. :pinkiesad2:

We require an expounding of this story. :3


Aw, I thought the dragon was Smaug

I think you're doomed to a sequel, the masses might get dangerous if you don't.

It was on Reddit. The thread was in r/writingprompts.

This is a great chapter, well written, I for one would love to see it expanded into a story.

Very cute, but that ending... It just dropped me back off in reality with no resolution at all.

This needs to continue. NEEDS. TO.

"Then they did." No. Stop that. You stop that right now. Sequel!

Hehehe, that was cute! :rainbowkiss:
Nicely written

That was cute.

Rarity and dragons always makes for a fun combination.

I am fire, I am death...says the dragon in the picture. Is it mini Deathwing?

A very interesting take on the Coin Dragon, lol. I enjoyed it, though perhaps you will entertain ideas for more chapters, or a sequel?

Its Smaug...

But that's a wyvern. Smaug is a dragon.

He looks like baby Deathy to me. So cute...and yet so evil! Evil! He will bring about the Cataclysm with his adorableness!

Smaug isn't a dragon, he's a wyvern. Look him.up and you'll see his dumb tiny hands attached to his wings.

What sort of absolute MONSTER would write something so cute, with so much potential, AND MARK IT "COMPLETED" AFTER 4 THOUSAND WORDS???

Complete? Just like that?

Why, author, why? :fluttershysad:

This desperately needs more. More I tell you!!! :flutterrage:

Look up Smaug from the new movie or a dragon from Skyrim, those are wyverns... which is a sub-species of dragon, just like the drake (classic dragon) and the salamander (wingless dragon).

8742984 8743096

In real world mythology, which is what Tolkien based most of his stuff on, a wyvern is a kind of dragon. Just like the wingless lung of China is a kind of dragon. The notion that dragons are only those creatures that have four legs AND wings, originally comes from the Dungeons and Dragons game.

In fact, most legends spoke of dragons as serpentine beasts that crawled on their bellies.

Well I liked this story a lot. And I require more of it, in all seriousness it does seem a bit quick to end it this way. I would like to see more of the other dragon growing up and deciding its future and him more than likely hanging with spike. Hope to see more of this story.

I think I saw something similar to this story on Reddit. It was writing prompt about a dragon with only one gold coin for his hoard.

That's the spirit! We need more!

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