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I don’t go on a lot of adventures, not unless I’m with my friends. Still, when Princess Celestia showed up and told me I had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet one of my dragon parents, how could I say no?
If I’d known what I was going to find, I might have…
Takes place shortly after Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Featured on Equestria Daily
Edited by Themaskedferret, docontra, and Pascoite
Special thanks to bookplayer for brainstorming help.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 93 )

Well... this is interesting. No idea where this is going yet... Let's wish Spike luck, though.

Interesting. Please continue!:moustache:

Looks promising. I'll be watching. :pinkiesmile:

"No crazy ponies No Twis OCD No Rarity. . .sigh I wonder if mom & dad Know or approve of her or them?"

I'm really enjoying this; you do such a good job capturing Spike's voice. Reading this feels warm and homey, and I find myself rooting for Spike and really feeling like I can understand his feelings. I'm excited that this story is finished and that I'll be able to read the whole thing; I can't wait to see what happens when he actually meets his 'parent(s)', even if it sounds from the opening chapter like it might not be so great. Keep up the lovely work, and thanks for the fun read!

...I thought this was going to be a crossover... :I

6695697 ...of Dragon Age...the rpg.


that little bit with the sunset got to me.

reminded me of my first phone call at basic. my mother wouldn't hang up and i wasn't yet an asshole. the push ups were worth it.

well, spike ole boy, hope you don't fall again and shatter the teleport container, so your bag doesn't go home without you.

a blue rock with painted-on eyes and a big smile. “You can’t bring any ponies with you, but you still need somepony to talk and laugh with. That’s why I made you a portable friend!”
Somehow this was the most touching gift of all. I held the little rock and stared at its goofy, vacant expression. “Thanks, Pinkie. This… This is actually pretty cool.”
She leaned in whispered in my ear. “His name is Rocky.”


Wow, Rainbow. Way to ruin the moment. :ajbemused:

Loved it
Keep up the good work

Completely written? You. I like you

It would be cool if diamonds had a taste. I know that rubies can be spicy and emeralds are sour, but I forgot what sapphires taste like. Also, Spike's not just a baby dragon. He's as competent as any other pony.

:rainbowderp: Wut?!
:trollestia: Welcome to Canterlot any information on Spikes progress?
:rainbowhuh: That Son of a Mare!
:raritycry: Spikey spikey spikey!
:twilightoops: Gosh Rarity you really miss him.
:duck: Little brat took all my pins and bobbins!:facehoof:


6698603 Or... they're FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION!!! Where they're actually magical bears with symbols on their tummies who turn into wingless dragons if they enter Equestria because... why not?! :pinkiegasp:

Since we have zero actual information, we can speculate wildly!

(And Spike's face if he found out he was a Care Bear would be priceless.) :trollestia:

:pinkiegasp: Well that was unexpected! Run Spike, run!! Your daddy is an uncaring, creature eating beast!

Oh crap.

He just teleported the pillar supporting the cave.

I'm totally fine if that takes out his monster of a dad, but that's going to cause some problems when it appears in the middle of Ponyville.

"My Blood family are dicks"

How many Heroes have this kind of background?

p.s.: i fully expect a invasion and a subsequent ass-whooping of Big Bad Dad by Spike Himself.

"You smell of pony"
:moustache: "Well duh, I live among them".
"You smell of perfume"
:moustache: "Well Rarity is a looker too".
"You runt . You are not worth my .......
:moustache: "I dropped a mountain on him"
:twilightoops: "You should see my castle"
:duck: Apple Jack has an indoor orchard
:ajbemused:Ah Spike after you took care of yer daddy don't that make you the boss now?
:moustache: cool King Spike!

Spike as an Elder Dragon!? I'm not really sure who to be angry at the ponies for their general ignorance of dragon culture and dragonkin for their general dickery.

Mr. Spike's Dad.... YOU DUN GOOFED.

Quest for the vial!

Oh, well I was rather surprised you breezed over how Spike made his way back but I guess the story is about the destination rather than the journey. Still good though, keep going. :pinkiesmile:

Must.......hold back.......... dem feelz.

:raritystarry: Your bag!
:ajbemused: yer hat!
:fluttercry: your blanky!
:rainbowlaugh: That rain saved your flank! what you did to me was not cool!
:pinkiehappy: Rocky!
:twilightoops: Spike!
:trollestia: go ahead Spike say it.
:moustache: My dad was a dick!:raritycry::twilightoops::rainbowlaugh::pinkiegasp::flutterrage::applejackconfused:


Momlestia is the best.:moustache:

No just no let them stay dead we don't want them coming back as well besides the only one I ever liked was Grumpy bear.

I knew it. I. KNEW. IT! Celestia's Spike's adopted mom!

6717057 *And so, Alondro takes over Hasbro and crosses FiM with the Care Bears JUST TO ENRAGE YOU!!! He's THAT level of troll!* All hail President Trump... :trollestia:

This is so sweet. I love the portrayal of Luna doing her special duty with such diligence and kindness. Poor Spike's feelings are understandably a mess; between finding out your race and your own father is traditionally horrible and probably accidentally killing said father at the same time would be hard for anyone with a tender heart to take, and Spike definitely has one.

I also like the portrayal of Celestia as being more like Spike's mom. Twilight never really gave off that vibe. I kind of wish they'd do more with that in the show; it makes sense, and it would open up another side of Celestia's character.

Great story so far; you cover your themes really well, even the harder ones. I look forward to the last few chapters and seeing how it all plays out.

Momlestia for the win!

:trollestia: Spike can you pass the cream?
:moustache:sure mom .
:duck: I always wanted a prince charming.
:twilightoops: RARITY!
:moustache: A prince, sure you can be Princess Rarity. . .
:twilightoops: SPIKE!
:derpytongue2: FOOD FIGHT!

Suggest you cancel it and write about a character people give more than 0.9 shits about. You already destroyed my suspension of disbelief with this stupid fucking line:

Twilight...and...all of our friends.

6719271 I suggest you shut the f:yay:k up cause I give 5 whole s:twilightsmile:ts about him.

All my YES!:moustache::trollestia:

Sooooo sweet. ^^ I never really thought of Celestia as Spike's mom, they only ever really talk about him with Twilight, but I like how you've presented the idea. You gave a parentless character a mom and a childless character a child, and it's really nice.

We talked. Not about what happened, or even about anything important. Still, talking had never felt so good. “And that’s why Twilight sorts her clothes alphabetically instead of by color.”

There's a story in that...


:duck: I got you some socks Spikey Wikey,


Thank you for the story.:pinkiehappy:

The growth thing is very depressing. Please tell me it doesn't mean what I think it means?

All Spike knows for certain is that he isn't an ordinary dragon, destined to become a giant.

That was a cute ending. :heart:
10/10 would read again.

Very nice story with a very interesting plot for the actual quantity.
Bravo ! :raritywink:

This is just the sort of story I'd hoped the series would evolve into. Still sweet, but with genuine dangers in the world and some creatures that would reject friendship or any form of kindness under any and all circumstances, set in stories that deeply develop the characters and their relationships.

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