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Amateur fanfic writer and reader. Sometimes I get dreams, dreams of ponies, and wish that someone would write a story based off them. So why not me?


Years pass. Children grow. Fashion trends rise and die.

Even as the world changes around them, things between Rarity and Spike have remained frustratingly stagnant. Either by her selective and willful ignorance or his cowardice, the two remain friends, precious friends yes, but little more.

All it will take to change everything is a night of poor judgment, leaving Rarity and Spike to rebuild their relationship with the remaining pieces.

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Anyone read this yet? :trixieshiftright:

Well, you, apparently. And the judges will, eventually.

Haha... :twilightsheepish: well, I never read a fic with 0 views before
By the way this is a amazing fimfic :scootangel:

Comment posted by Jake The Army Guy deleted Dec 30th, 2016

Hey, are you sure we should be intruding like this?" Starlight asked,

Should be Spike.

Very sweet, but kind of jarring ending. I was expecting a bit more trepidation from Rarity. I don't think we got enough of her fretting over her feelings.

Still, a nice little story.

Thanks for catching that.

From the context that I'm deduced in this chapter, and compared to how the previous chapter ended...I have to say that Rarity just realized that in her heartbreak at yet another strikeout at romance, she and Spike eventually got shit-faced drunk (well not quite that badly, but they went through a few) and ended up having drunken sex together in Rarity's bedroom, again due to heartbreak.

I reckon the so-called 'smoking gun' that would admit to their unplanned rendezvous (or drunk-and-fuck) would be how Rarity continues to emphasize that Spike's supposed to be underage, or just recently became of age.

At some point they have to approach it...considering that this is considered a Sparity story, I assume Rarity and Spike recover from having sex while drunk and not remembering it to having a decent relationship. But that's just me :twilightsmile:

:duck:So I'm not with foal or am I? But the bed, Us, together.
:moustache: Did we?
:pinkiegasp: Your not with a foal , Spike's a dragon so you'll have a Kirin, Dracony,, Unigon, Pongon, Dragacorn, Unipegagon, cornapegagon, bunnies?
:rainbowlaugh: I saw you two passed out in Raritys kitchen, So I carried you two up to the bed ...You know how heavy you two are?
:moustache::raritywink: WHAT!?!
:twilightoops: WUT?
:flutterrage:I lost twenty bits with Discord!
:rainbowhuh: You though I'd let you two bump in the night with out getting off on a good prank would you?
:moustache: who said we used the bed?


Rarity... Chica... You need to relax

Rarity throwing that bomb.

Spike lowered himself onto her belly. "Like this?"

Ooh saucy, maybe her dream wasn't a dream after all? :raritywink:

"Oh, of course. Just a little busy with work," Rarity responded. She took another sip. "It's been difficult, trying to come up with a good design for a suit that would look good on the dragon whose child I'm carrying while struggling to come to terms with the whole messy affair."

You SOB! I lost my tea!:rainbowlaugh:

Spike rubbed his eyes and held up the roll of parchment that fell past his needs.

Thanks for catching those. Those errors have been attended to.

Wow, suddenly a new fic from TheMessenger. And it's a Sparity fic, to boot.

This was a very enjoyable read. Really made my day. I admit, I'm slightly disappointed that we didn't get to see everyone else's reaction to the news, but that's a nitpick. This is definitely a story I'll be coming back to read again.

Famous last words.... So far, this is really good. If a little purple prosy in a few places, like talking about a tongue like an organ. That sentence doesn't really roll of the tongue, haha...

Still, really good so far, the above is a very minor gripe.

Again, this continues to be great and I am at a loss for how there seems to be no comments on it. Really very entertaining.

An addendum to the previous organ-comment: I know it is technically correct, but it breaks the flow, at least for me.

Now, on to the next chapter!

This is so good. Very funny and very well-written and the characters feel very true to the show, but still a little different, which makes sense, seeing as some time has passed.

And I'm glad the sickness had a plot reason, because those scenes felt kinda at odds with the generally comedic tone of the rest of the story. Vivid descriptions of puking and brushing till your gums bleed seemed excessive not to mention rude to Spike.

I'm guessing the lack of comments comes from your all-in-one posting and that is a shame, because this is great.

Nice to see someone finally acting like adults.

Very nice. Overall, it all came together very nicely.

The jumps in time were confusing at first, but it worked very well once I got the hang of it. And the side characters worked perfectly. I didn't expect Discord to be involved in the first revelation, so kudos for springing that on me and well done on your Discord. He was perfect and so was Flutters. All in all, solid character work and solid comedy, in the kind that is about frantic panic over less than you think.

All in all, very well done. And a solid ending too, which is important. Can't believe you gave us important information so early, but both that and the fashion magazine pointed very nicely back to the very beginning of the fic, another nice touch.

I'm very surprised this one didn't place in the competition. It's a familiar concept (night of poor judgement -> big trouble), but the execution is solid and the characters, Rarity in particular, are very interesting. Chapter seven in particular still stands out to me as a powerful moment in Rarity's emotional journey. Thanks for writing!

Bit of a bummer, yeah, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Of course, whenever the girls celebrate Spike's birthday (presumably his hatching day since I doubt anypony knows when his egg was laid) they should be celebrating the anniversary of getting their cutie marks. Well, except for Pinkie who got hers the next morning.

More reason for her to throw an extra party, though, right? :pinkiehappy:

I suppose it must suck to be so wasted you can't even remember what happened. Especially for Spike if this was his first time and things really did happen between the two of them. Bummer!

I'm liking this story so far. It is well-paced and certainly well written in terms of capturing Rarity and Spike's personalities, but it is difficult at times to know where the two of them are. I have had to create their approximate positioning in my head a few times to know for sure where they were and how they interact with one another. Still, it is not detracting much from the overall story and it is still a very intriguing read.

I've encountered that before, it's a bit... quaint way to define said body part. But "purple prosy" made me laugh, because it gave image of Twilight writing a romance story.

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