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British bod who has too much fun with fandom. To most I'm Scribbler (obabscribbler being my screen-name when my actual name has already been taken). I'm a fan of satirical comedy, reading whatever I can get my mitts on, walking my dog and creating fandom content.

Have at thee, fandom!


  • T Five Things That Never Happened to Twilight Sparkle

    Five choices Twilight made. Five ways she could have made them differently. Five sets of consequences. Five sets of regrets. Five points in time.  · ObabScribbler
    4,348 words · 16,829 views  ·  531  ·  30
  • E Playing With My Heart

    Four years ago Vinyl and Octavia broke up. It was messy, painful and left scars on both. Four years on, Vinyl receives news that Octavia has been in an accident and is in a coma from which she may never wake. Can she succeed where medicine failed?  · ObabScribbler
    91,582 words · 11,313 views  ·  1,320  ·  29
  • T Truth Be Told

    In the beginning, the Mane Six were very different. Some people preferred it that way and will do awful things to reset the clock.  · ObabScribbler
    26,869 words · 6,941 views  ·  300  ·  10 · gore
  • E Feast of Love

    Braeburn is a stallion from a family of workaholics. Lily is a nervous mare who is scared of her own shadow. When he is sent to Ponyville for the sake of his health, the Spring is Sprung Feast provides the stage for a very unconventional love story.  · ObabScribbler
    26,102 words · 4,827 views  ·  274  ·  4
  • T Love Letters

    When Bon-Bon has to leave Ponyville for a while to visit her family in Manehattan, Lyra writes her letters every day. And every day, she gets a letter back. What could possibly be wrong with such loving devotion?  · ObabScribbler
    20,859 words · 4,419 views  ·  385  ·  9
  • E The Art of the Derp

    The Spring is Sprung Feast is a yearly tradition in Ponyville. Derpy asks Rarity for help 'dressing to impress' when Cloud Kicker sets her sights on Time Turner, but Rarity gets more from helping the clumsiest pony in town than mere job sat  · ObabScribbler
    7,658 words · 4,223 views  ·  327  ·  4

The Top Five Fics That Stayed In My Head Long After I'd Finished Reading

  • Upheaval: Breaking Point A desperate war, old enemies returning and past mistakes come together to alter Equestria forever. by Visiden Visidane 177,716 words · 14,813 views · 1,891 likes · 45 dislikes
  • Blue Steel Railway Applejack visits the lawless west, in need of a bounty hunter. by House_is_Free 11,982 words · 2,905 views · 118 likes · 6 dislikes
  • A Silent House One year after Vinyl Scratch has passed away, Octavia struggles to cope. by Enter Madness 13,379 words · 3,820 views · 304 likes · 9 dislikes
  • Scorched [2nd Person] You, a thief, winds up working for the Apple Family. by Kody910 40,745 words · 13,832 views · 1,498 likes · 28 dislikes
  • "For I Am A Jelly God" Nothing can stop the Smooze by Posh 11,439 words · 8,645 views · 148 likes · 6 dislikes

One-Shots By Other Authors That Everyone Should Read to Enrich Their Lives

  • He-Man, The Mightiest Hero In Equestria™ Twilight has been defeated and now no pony can stand in Tirek's way. Thankfully, He-Man is no pony! Stay in school, kids! A collab with RainbowBob. by Blueshift 2,899 words · 2,610 views · 212 likes · 13 dislikes
  • Yours Truly Distance can drive us apart. It can also bring us closer together. by Thanqol 18,646 words · 30,862 views · 2,134 likes · 34 dislikes
  • Simply Rarity What does it mean for a pony who has everything to be generous? by Somber 8,846 words · 7,207 views · 1,143 likes · 26 dislikes
  • Tough Little Pony Discord dares Rainbow Dash to go a day without her wings to show her what Scootaloo's life is like. by Isseus 11,842 words · 4,434 views · 390 likes · 27 dislikes
  • Captain's Permission, Brother's Blessing Shining Armor unwittingly motivates Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry to ask each other out. by PurpleFire18 2,856 words · 4,878 views · 273 likes · 41 dislikes

Multi-Chapter Stories By Other Authors That Everyone Should Read To Enrich Their Lives

  • A Mighty Demon Slayer Grooms Some Ponies When the ponies decide to introduce themselves to Earth by entering a horse show, they call upon a legendary warrior from their distant past to get them ready. Featured on Equestria Daily! by D G D Davidson 86,362 words · 10,282 views · 633 likes · 63 dislikes
  • Integration For once, a pony wishes to join the changelings instead. by Raugos 118,733 words · 18,192 views · 1,640 likes · 24 dislikes
  • Anthropology Lyra is determined to find out the truth behind the mysterious legends of humans. by JasonTheHuman 130,415 words · 124,466 views · 7,645 likes · 160 dislikes
  • Cake Story Pinkie Pie thinks Mr Cake is literally a cake by Blueshift 18,351 words · 6,587 views · 447 likes · 8 dislikes
  • The Keepers of Discord Being a statue can drive you mad, yes? by Hoopy McGee 11,445 words · 40,687 views · 5,380 likes · 79 dislikes
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#326 · 5d, 20h ago · · ·

Lol I have no idea if I PMed you right but I guess I shall find out

#325 · 5w, 4d ago · · ·

I like your stories

#324 · 6w, 5h ago · 1 · ·

Let me tell you i love listening to your reading and some of your reviews on yutube such as review n ne my favorite fanfics that got me intonthe mlo fandom intergrration by ragous, not sure if yu do a reading on this but recdntly found this fic of one my favorite nackgound characters.

Thunderlane one my favorite background character, though he doenst have much lines in the show i always attrated to his design for some reason. Most people ship him with rarity and rainbowdash but in rather liked this one. Would recomend some more fics but dont feel like overflowing this comment with links. My libary of my favs fics always open to everyone if wish take a glance at Another fic that i found about...a month sgo I want say that i rather enjoyed, never really thought that twilight and spitfire go good together but kind like how they played spitfire with her actaully into but of literature. Anyways thank you taking time to read this comment and hope you have a good day!

#323 · 6w, 4d ago · · ·

Is this worth a video?

what about this one?

Please let me know, it would be a dream come true if you read one in one of your videos.:pinkiehappy:

#322 · 8w, 3d ago · · ·

So apparently you're doing a reading of one of my stories? If so, sweet, thanks. If not, sorry for the confusion and blast the one who told me.

Have a good night


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