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This story is a sequel to Friday Night Twilight

A cartoon pony named Twilight Sparkle visits me every other Friday night. We talk more than we used to, but she still makes me watch that show of hers. Isn’t anything ever going to change?

Chinese Translation by ComradeSpark

Note: that Romance tag doesn't equate to mushy stuff, and it's not the reason for the Teen rating. This is much closer to Everyone than Mature.
Cover art generously provided once again by statoose
Big, heartfelt thanks to Skeeter The Lurker for helping me deal with reader reactions, and to Craine for proofreading the new final chapter.

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I honestly didn't expect Friday Night Twilight to even get a sequal. Not complaining just...surprised is all.
And why do me thinks that Twilight is teasing Jake?

Had first story in Read It Later list for a while, never got around to it. Sees sequel has a Romance Tag. Will read at first available opportunity.

“You did pretty well in English last semester, didn’t you?”
“I guess, but there’s no money in that. Writers make almost nothing, same goes for teachers.”

To all English majors and would-be English majors. Editing jobs are in high demand and English majors get them exclusively.

Thanks for that blurb. I doubt Jake has done his homework when it comes to careers (or much else for that matter) :applejackunsure:


To all English and History Majors. Don't.

Seriously, just don't.

I spy Chapter 1 and an incomplete tag. This oughtta be good.
Jake needs to end up in Equestria at one point, just to screw with Twilight.

4628908 I've never seen a history/english major employed strictly for their humanities degree to do anything other than teach. Usually they're hired for their buffing degree (statistics, GIS, web management, communications, data management, etc.) with the humanities credit merely serving as a jumping off point for prospective employers.

Anyway, it's good to see you continue this story. The idea of Twilight sitting on some bored college student's couch, mooching off his fridge and commenting on the show is just too cute for words. Faved, upvoted, and followed.

This, just... this is... :pinkiegasp:

You have rendered me speechless. There's that little stab of feels in this story that digs where it shouldn't. I felt like this in college, all the damn time. My major was boring, my other classes were not all that fun either, and the teachers acted like they didn't care much. I wish I had Twilight in my room asking me if something could have gone better. :heart:

Also, this is hilarious. :pinkiehappy:

You put a smile on my face today before six hours of work, and for that, you get the gold star and a happy twilight. :twilightsmile:

Now... MOAR. :flutterrage:

I'm writing this comment before I start reading, so be warned on that front.
I'm not sure how I feel about this turning into a romance. I thought the original story was just fine, and I couldn't see this becoming a thing. That said, I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt.

Okay, I've read the first chapter. Pleasantly surprised, but still a bit wary. I was fearing that you'd just throw the romance at us and ram it down our throats right off the bat with some cheesy "and for a moment he looked at her in a different light" nonsense. I'm glad you didn't, and I apologize for not giving you enough credit there. Favorited.

Hmm... This is certainly intriguing. After the first one, this seems like a good sequel to have, so I will continue to watch it. :twilightsmile:

Just dont make another "sequel" to this story and we should be okay

why are these one-shots instead of stories? Very good work BTW

Hrng, so good. Must not raise hopes for more.....too late, ill be waiting.

Sometimes she’d borrow my laptop, once again for ‘research’. Those blissful moments of quiet always ended in her screaming something along the lines of ‘eeww’ and covering her eyes.

she found it....:rainbowderp::pinkiegasp:

i know others are thinking of this, at least the ones who noticed it, but what's with the incomplete?

You know...

Instead of making a whole new story, you could have probably made this a chapter to the current one.

~Skeeter The Lurker

It's nice to see a sequel to this. I'm not sure where it's going, especially with the romance tag, but I do still love the concept. I can relate to the protagonist on so many levels.

A part of me wants to see another princess, say.. Cadance come over to tease him. Maybe mooch for something unexpected, like hard sci-fi or history books.

Give more.:pinkiecrazy:

Lol. This is a very interesting concept. If you could make this into a full blown series, this could be alot of fun to read. :rainbowdetermined2:

4632723 i think it will be because that big ol' incomplete and romance tag

She trots back to the couch and jumps back into her usual spot. I think she’s deliberately putting that violet star of hers in my peripheral vision.

Do you mean her cutie mark or...

4630184 Yes and he has to be stuck there so Twilight has to #deal with it.

Have her do a full sweep of derpibooru with all safety disengaged. Full speed into fetish town, toot toot!

For real, from experience, nothing prepares you for fan art of you or your friends. Especially weird fetish art.

This could be a fun story, add the two together as chapters in one story and just go from there! Add some more stuff, throw in a few more characters and it could be some fun shenanigans. Perhaps have Twilight pop in when he's got a surprise guest, that would be fun.

... harboring aliens and allowing them free access to your country without any kind of official interaction, for one thing.

I know it's basically a trope at this point, but it always niggles me a little when characters don't even consider talking to the government.

Also, did he never invite a friend over just to find out if it was real or not? Like, guy, you might actually be crazy.

Twilight WOULD grade herself :facehoof:
Excellent chapter as always! :twilightsmile:


Hey, 4chan does good things too! Why, just tonight they spent two hours tormenting a racist!

That qualifies as 'good', right?

Could've, probably should've.
I have a few (bad) reasons for it being a separate story:
- comments on the original complaining about stories that flip-flop between complete and incomplete.
- my own petty conviction that the original can stand on it's own as a one shot, as I originally intended.

I also have a semi-reasonable one:
- my fear that I wouldn't have this ready for many more months, leaving all of you stuck staring at an incomplete tag for a very long time. At least this way a sequel can pop out of the ether rather than a presumed dead and abandoned story finally picking up again.

Oh well. Either way this is what we're all stuck with now. Enjoy :pinkiehappy:

I love the relationship between these two.

It's quiet, friendly... But it's there. Wouldn't have it any other way.:twilightsmile:

If I was in your position the romance tag would've worried me too. I tried to put some fears to rest with the note in the description that this wouldn't be a mushy or graphic story. Thanks for giving it a chance, let me know what you think as this progresses. :raritywink:

I like that you're letting their relationship just sort of be. Way to exercise self control.

Confound it why is this so good. Explain! Explain! :twilightangry2:

4635156 I dunno; nice as it is to see things like this, I get the feeling that this isn't going anywhere. It's just comments, headcanon and faux-headcanon, with a very small amount of human-pony interaction and character development thrown in. It's a good quick read for if you don't want anything heavy, but with the lack of conflict or overall plot to speak of, the entire thing sort of falls flat with me.
Of course, we ARE only on chapter two. This judgement is almost certainly premature, and I'm sure I'll change my mind four chapters in or so.

4635259 If you find an answer, plese tell me. I want to know, too!

I can't wait for his reaction to the second part of the finale.

4635493 You might be right, and I'm kind of okay with that. It's nice not to have to deal with world building and saving, clop that starts with "hey" and ends five paragraphs later with "and then they fucked", or whiteknighting some obscure, headcanon-riddled background pone. Honestly I'm not even sure I'd call these chapters so much as pensees on friendship. Plus you've got Twilight. Onna couch. Bitching at the TV. How adorable is that.

I'll tell you how adorable it is. It's this adorable.


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