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The only human in Equestria has an awkward time in a bar. Mostly due to the massive language barrier.

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Damn. Rarity has a way with words. :rainbowderp:

I had the giggles the whole time.:rainbowlaugh:

i have no idea what i just read, please pardon me while i go ahead and read it a second time to comprehend everything.

4111121 I think Rarity was quite concise. What's there to be confused about?

uh-huh, ok, thats what i thought. interesting, but can you expand on this story at all? maybe add an aftermath?

To say that is original is an understatement. Thanks for this entertainment in my half drunken stupor. Keep up the good work and I apologize in advance for any grammer mistakes in my sentences. xD
Please continue your ingenious art.

:twilightblush: Whoa, you have to buy me a drink first!

4111125 the fact that i took guitar lessons over how to speak equine last year

4111157 Tsk. Didn't you see Yes Colt? Ya missed out, good sir. :moustache:

Or in other words...


And that's one of the reasons some people are confused about bronies liking ponies, because to them whenever they see a pony talk they turn into real horses with real horse noise and not the cute little cartoon characters we see. But this poor guy can only hear real horse noises from them.

4111163 pardon me while i fetch my equine to english dictionary

audible gasp! i apologise for my uncouth behavior your majesty! i shall fetch the maple syrup post-haste!

I can see this in the featured box! :rainbowlaugh:

4111241 That happens and I will burst out laughing.

Eeeeer ruh- huuf!:rainbowwild:

Agreed! Er, I mean... whinny!

Well that...was random. Entertaining though

4111258 in all seriousness though you really should expand on this more, i fucking loved it.

It's just hard as hell to onomatopoeise horse noises.

hehehhahahahaHAHAHAAAAHHAHAH -oh god-



Oh man, that was too funny!:rainbowlaugh:

Ever since I saw all three of the "Real Ponies" videos, I've pondered something regarding this information, but had no ideas for implementing it. Well done! I love you for writing this. :yay: :heart:

I have only one thing to say.:ajbemused:

For love of the God man, put up the translation please!:twilightangry2:

i want to the words!!:flutterrage:

Very funny, I would love to see another story like this.:twistnerd:

lol that was funny XD

4111509 Don't look at me! I don't speak horse....:trollestia:

4111525 You know... you could just write a second chapter or sequel with Rarity's POV.

Even better, write a sequel with a flipped version of this, where Rarity hits on a human who speaks in words she can't understand. She hits on it anyway.

....If this hits featured maybe. God damn it...all my one shots demand more....

I'm not sure I yelled at,
Looks like you're missing a 'who' there.

I have no idea what I just read, honestly. Without seeing what Rarity was saying, I guess my brain is saying 'story not finished' and holding off on conclusions.

4111789 I had that idea, but am writing already.

Either a Dutch man, or a french man.

Also...never capitalize 'french', they haven't earned it yet.

4111886 Belabberd frans verliezer.

4111911 I speak horse, not french. :rainbowlaugh:

4111920 It's Dutch. Far superior to lousy french cheese men people. I didn't mean to forget about all those lovely cheese scented women.

4111923 Ah, my bad and apologies. :ajsmug: I can't wait to see what you write next! :twilightsmile:

....Satyrs....but it's only doing okay. Not great.

Hopefully when I get some more chapters out it will pick up.

BUT THIS IS STILL FUN!:pinkiecrazy: Eeeeeurrrrur!

Ah, the "Real Ponies" videos. Always a treat.

Stories that tackle the human-pony language barrier are always entertaining. This one did an especially good job of it. I do like how many blanks are left for the reader to fill in. The general idea is clear, but the specifics...
It's like a Mad Lib, only instead of "noun" or "adjective" there are "greeting" and "single entendre".

Thank you for this, Sir Hat. And let the record show that "flying lion eagle people" would be an awesome name for a band.

Jonathan Swift made it work. Cf. the last installment of Gulliver's Travels.

I never said it's impossible, only that it's difficult...and I smell...paint thinner...acetone....may....heea haopppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

4112095 For fucks sake, you amazing.

Doc,Every time i read your shit,Im pleasantly suprised,And i hate suprises...*Grumble grumble fuckingbitch grumble grumble*

This is so confusing, I accidentally pressed the fav and like button. :twilightoops:

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