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This story is a sequel to Walking Across The Narrow Lane

A pair of princesses and a pair of humans get a stupid idea.


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It feels like the Ivoryverse.
Fuck it. Headcanon is Ivoryverse.

Brothers! Let us ride our pony princesses into battle! Together! HUZZAH!

I'm comfort food?

A pair of princesses and a pair of humans get a stupid idea.


Guy1: ''This has to be the stupidist idea ever''
Guy2: ''Yeah, but you know it's gonna be awesome''
Guy1: ''........yeah.''

So damn funny.

I'm okay with this.

Now that was Metal. \m/ :pinkiecrazy:

Also ridiculous and funny. Mainly ridiculous, but I expect nothing less from a Sir Hat comedy.

Also Polandball can't into space.

<---- Jealous of Able.

Good thing Twilight wasn't there. I think she'd go catatonic from that.

In any case, an excellent scene. The tone captured the feeling of an adrenaline rush very well. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

God, Hat. I don't know where the hell you come up with this stuff. :rainbowlaugh:
Brilliant, never the less.

4961704 okay, I actually like Sir Hat, but that Gif was damn funny

Dammit Hat.

You're clogging up the Featured Box again.

Oh my fucking celestia that was great I love it .:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::yay::yay:

Hilarious. It was NOT expected:pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh:

Dude I wrote this at 9pm because I thought it would be funny. I really can't control what gets popular. If I could, god knows I would be writing something different.

Hi my name is Twisted and this is Celestia and welcome to Jackass!:trollestia:


It's alright.

You're just too famous. :heart:

Let the silliness continue!

I joust all the time! Except in Limos. Like these guys!
Ok maybe it doesn't end like that but i still usually win!
~ Eric

Before I listen to this.
Is Alcohol involved?

No, just competitiveness out the anus.

4961704 Somebody needs to bippity bop the fuck out of my life.

I'm kidding, maybe. But if you don't like Hat so much, why don't you just leave?

Snuggly just enjoys bitching. It's fine, I'm 98% sure he's fucking about.:trixieshiftleft:

4962767 Bippity bopping the fuck out of here.

>So you know who I am now?

Should have worn that helmet~

That was funny shit!:rainbowlaugh:
After a Jousting match like that, a good, hard, rutting is in order!:raritywink:
Luna's getting laid, and she loss!:trollestia::facehoof:

So a few things.

This feels really, really rushed. I really do enjoy the idea of the Princesses having humans ride them into a jousting match, but the pacing here is way too fast for it to hold my attention. I'm also not the biggest fan of the main character; he really seems to act like a prick and swears a metric fuckton for absolutely no reason, I'm certain because that's "mature" in your perception or something. He really rubs me the wrong way.

It would have been neat to get the perspective of the other rider, too, to see how Luna feels about the whole arrangement, maybe even have the different personality of the other human shine. Something, anything to buff this story up and make it a bit more interesting to read. What we have here is a neat idea, but it's bogged down by the main character being an utter prat, the rushed-to-hell pacing, and the immature takeaway of it.

It's a neat idea and a fair try, but ultimately this falls short. Also, I thought stories had to be like 4,000 words to make it to the box? At least they used to, then they changed the rules I guess.

This is just the most pointless vignette I could conjure up, and the narrator is a prat, the idea is that he is a massive douche, he's not mature, he's a dumb ass, and I really just wanted to hammer this out for a laugh.
The fact this got features is just kinda...meh? I mean, it's literally just a quick joke.

In short: the description of the story should also sum up the writing process.

If I were him (and the horn can't be re-attached), I'd keep the horn and have it carved into a hilt for a sword. Shit would be so cash.

Also, I would love a sequel.

Two humans jousting on the Princesses...

This will clearly end well. :pinkiecrazy:

4963220 Or the tip of a new lance.

4963482 nah, it'd break too easily.

4963646 I like the "Sword hilt" idea the best. A sword made from a sun goddess's horn is the stuff of legends.

4963724 ...The blade would be horny,And knowing how arcane those things are....Probably sentient.

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