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Although it left it, it knew that it was right, it made it down, because it didn't know what's up.


This story is a sequel to Poniocracy

This story is required to be published so that links in the main story work. This compilation will probably not make sense, unless you read: Poniocracy PLEASE IGNORE THIS UPDATE (sorry potentially excited followers looking for new content).

Index of Unpublished Stories:

Info: Published stories will all keep their links. These are just to make things easier for me. I really should have done this a long time ago. Also fair warning: Some of these side stories are incomplete. I may not even finish them unless I have time. That's why they're side stories, they're optional.

The Story of the Gorlians and Equestria
The Gorlians and Ponies Make First Contact - Things Go Well
The Gorlians have finally decided to make contact with Equestria, when they find a human among the populace, the situation quickly devolves into a political nightmare that could only be solved by the banishing of an entire race to the moon.

Human Manual I:
Version 1.0 of the Human Manual Index
The human manual index is the primary guide for all human interactions with the Cry-pod™. Make sure you are 100% trained with this glorious manual to encompass all human interactions.

Equine Manual I:
Version 0.0000001alpha of the Equine Manual Index
The human equine manual index is the primary guide for all human equine interactions with the Cry-pod™. Make sure you are 100% trained with this glorious manual to encompass all human equine interactions.

Why Emergencies Should Be Handled Calmly
You don't want to end up burying dead bodies, do you?
Why it's a good idea to remain absolutely calm when dealing with dead bodies.

Why Emergencies Should Be Handled Calmly II
Why it's good that Twilight learned how to apply first aid before trying her hoof at autopsy.
Sometimes, knowledge is a burden.

Blue Pill
David knows that taking the Red Pill is a huge mistake.
Sometimes, just take the Blue Pill.

David's Nightmares
David knows that pissing off Twilight was a huge mistake.
David don't sleep, don't blink. If you blink, she'll get you.

Robot Manticore Attack
Robot manticores are no joke. Until they are.
Twilight, I need a medic here. No, not Dr. Staton. No, not you either.
You know what?

The First Law
Don't be a bad robot. Also, kill all the humans.
Robots, they're kind of like people, except a little more sarcastic.

David wasn't David, Discord was David, Discord was being Discord, because David wasn't Discord.
Sometimes you can take a prank a little too far.

A Dated Journal Entry
Writing in a journal to express your feelings can be difficult. The task is onerous but fulfilling. Personal thoughts and opinions clash and meld together, but you come out stronger because of it.
Twilight writes a heartfelt note to her Diary. She hasn't kept up with it for a long time. It's nice.

Where you can have all your fast food craving met.
Remember kids, fast food is bad for you, meat is bad for the Earth and they're both addictive.

McQuestria II
McQuestria harder.
Remember kids, time travel is possible.

To Touch The Stars
Don't send humans into space. It's bad enough they live on one planet.
As the British Captain of this fine vessel commands you: Stop dilly dallying and get to work!
This work is not to be confused with: To Touch The Stars

Dragon's Fire
Making alcohol in Equestria is more dangerous than it looks.
Bacardi Breezes are a breeze, Bacardi!

Miracles can happen twice.
Good thing ponies never had access to nuclear technology... yet.

Celestia Drunk Texts... If She Could Use A Phone
Always have someone stronger than you to take care of you when you’re drunk.
Unless you're an alicorn, no one can stop you. Don't get drunk.

Who Invented Hooves?!
Booping ponies on the nose might seem like fun, but it's actually quite a dangerous proposition.
No one pony should have all this power.

At Your Service
It's just a quick vignette into the life of an average Gorlian.
Gorlians have it tough, but at least their cleaning service is punctual.

Pinkie Pie sits there with not much to do. It's excruciating.
Twilight old Pinkie not to touch the orb. Pinkie touched it.

How To Make A World
It's quite simple really. The Universe will show you how!
In which it is all the ways you SHOULDN'T make a world. Oh well.

Foal Move
Teaching a class can be hard for some people, for David? Downright frightening.
Foals are an amazing tool. If used with care.

It's like a secret language and only Australians can speak it.
And 'roos. Don't forget 'roos.

Don't underestimate the power of moustaches.
Twilight did. She regretted it.

When all else fails, you can always make friends with your friend's friend.
Or can you?

When Moop stumbles upon a secret government conspiracy, it's only logical that he gets roped in
The moral of the story is not to accidentally stumble into abandoned warehouses.

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Oh fug. Bad things are about to ensue.

Was this a reference to something, and I'm simply too dull to understand it?

oh god that was beautiful!

CRIKEY! it's alive!

“Well we have something called, ‘G’day’, it’s short for ‘Good day’. If you’re impressed with something you can say ‘you beauty, mate’.” He cocked his head, remembering something. “In Australia, everyone’s your mate, so you can call everyone ‘mate’. If something is true or genuine you can say ‘Fair dinkum’.” David was pleased to see some notes being taken down.

Or, you could just be a badass Sniper.

So THAT'S what Australian English looks like.

5667095 Yes, but unless you ARE Australian, you'll just sound like a bloody Pommy.

What can I say? I'm 'Murican.

Moustachio Furioso!

Slightly more insightful than what I expected.

These stories are confusingly random...

This was the most perfect depiction of my experience living in the aussieland for a year and a half :rainbowlaugh:

Okay I'm kinda (actually, not only kinda but completely) missing the point here. What is he supposed to be doing?
Nevertheless, it was funnies.

“Aw, strewth, mate. I’ll be stuffed if I could find my remote on the south side of the hemisphere. I’ve lost heaps of that garbage down that dunny.” David shrugged. “No worries, mate. You’ll find your remote.”


...Twilight, check your mane. Or your tail. I think a chunk might be missing.

5678572 You got it! Give this person a prize!

My moustache approves of this chapter. :moustache:

I really like the little side stories.

Poor David. :fluttercry:

5666750 But why would I be a New Zealander if I was trying to pass for Australian?


It was a reference to the Sniper in Team Fortress 2 who is Australian.


What was that? I have no clue what I just read.

So lost...

Also, Equestria = Mann co.

Oh well, being unintentionally racist can have some interesting situations happening. Just like the one described in this chapter.

Oh Discord, that was either masterful manipulation or something that even you didn't expect.
Knowing you, the answer would simply be yes.

I can understand everything perfectly. Thank goodness I'm Australian otherwise that would just be weird.
I could go for some tucker about now.

Ah there's my problem. I don't make eye contact.
"Hello fellow human, I am Nerdtron 6."
Strange, the creature flees.

:twilightoops:"Pinkie, whatever you do, do not push the bright candy red button."


Blank sheet of papet. Brilliant.


Nothing else needs to be said.

Twi being recognized by someone was bound to happen eventually

Brilliant. Absolutely brillaint.

Hey, I didn't know Twilight had a live journal.

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