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Although it left it, it knew that it was right, it made it down, because it didn't know what's up.


This story is a sequel to Winona The Immortal Dog

Owlowiscious spends a lot of time thinking and trying new things. Currently he's an assistant to an alicorn princess, something he's never tried before. Sometimes being an assistant to a neurotic purple princess with a penchant for persistent productivity though, can really prickle his primaries.

A-A-Additional tags: Feathers.

Edited by: The awesome Word Worthy!

Tagged Alternate Universe because Owlowiscious is quite obviously not canonically immortal.

(I guess this counts as an 'Immortal-verse' fic, but there's no universe for this, so it's just Owlowiscious talking).

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Owlowiscious should go full Michigan J. Frog.

yay For Owls! A cute story ^_^


That would be hilarious. Though we seriously need more of the ImmortalPetverse.

This is marked as complete. Is it going to continue? Please tell me there will be more :pinkiehappy:

Is there going to be more of this? It's marked as complete.

I hope there's going to be more of this.

5559530 Eh okay, I'll write a few more chapters. Type de type type.

Loved it! Shall follow for the next chapter.

Not that i find anything really wrong with the stories, but wouldn't it be a bit simpler if they were all one story with multiple chapters instead of multiple stories with one chapter?

5560762 Perhaps, I just liked the format that each pet gets their own limelight in a separate story. Also the tone of each story will drastically change depending on the character. Think about Gummy's chapter. That'll be Morgan Freeman food.

For a millenia old being he's not really smart is he?Hasnt he ever heard of bluffing?

5561133 Owl's have brains the size of marbles. Those huge eyes of theirs take up almost all the space in their heads, and the rest is filled by the bone structure to support such eyes. I'm actually not surprised at all that Owlowiscious isn't that smart.:rainbowlaugh:

I like that you are keeping everything the same as far as their relationship goes. It isn't the most strange thing to happen in Ponyville.

Hey there, buddy!

If you don't update this, I'll find you and do something to you...


Also, Owlowicious is screwed!

My pet owl is an potentially millennia-old immortal who can talk. Huh. :twilightoops:


Eh, still not the weirdest thing that's happened in this town. :twilightsmile:

And he fell for the old fake ticklish-feather-of-doom trick! Oldest one in the book! :facehoof:

she paced in her bedroom as she were wont to do from time to time.

I'm struggling a little to figure out what this is supposed to say...

5571831 learn to speak British. Technically this is correct however I would word it "she paced in her bedroom as she had the habit of doing from time to time."

interesting story I wonder where you'll take it.

...I have never heard that word being used over here XD
(I'm from the English North-West)

5572547 it's a mannerism of speaking that hasn't been used outside of the overly presumptuous for a long time. You'll encounter it a lot if you like old books like me. I just realised I act a lot like Twilight, yet Pinkie is best pony... odd.

5572872 Twilight and Pinkie complement each other quite well. That's probably why I publish so many stories with that pair.

Interesting. Do continue.

5559172 IT NEEDS MORE!

And what are you talking about please?

5578111 He only talks to Twilight. When Twilight tries to get him to talk in front of other ponies, he just says "Who?". End result: Everypony assumes Twi is losing it.

5578184 No the person you're referening. Who is he?

5578212 The singing frog in the old Looney Tunes short, which is the Wikipedia article I linked to.

Here, I'll even do the leg work and get you the first Google result: http://vimeo.com/46018110

might not the next chapter be "Whoop de whoo"


“Wont” I’m familiar with, but I’m pretty sure the other verb should be “was”, not “were”.

5643793 I think I will revise the sentence to 'as she wont to do from time to time', which I think still maintains grammatical sense. Thank you for picking that up!


No, that’s not right—it should be “as she was wont to do from time to time". “Wont” is an adjective, not a verb, at least in modern English.

5647650 You're absolutely right. I was actually going for the archaic usage. The whole sentence is revised and now looks a bit strange, I may switch it back to modern English to keep form. Thanks.


Yeah, the archaic one would probably work coming from Luna or something, but otherwise it’s just confusing. Looks good now.

5658132 I just did. Twice D: Okay, okay back to typing...

Oh Owlowiscious...you are so boned.

Nice story so far. I wonder how everyone will react, and if Winona being able to talk will get out.

Interesting premise, I look forward to reading more of these stories.

As a side note, accepting this as headcanon puts a really interesting spin on that MLP comic issue that featured the pets.

*Coughs politely* Thank you for the quick updates and all, this is quite an interesting premise.
But, erm.

Must of been centuries. I really missed the old library.

Should be "Must have", not "of".

It's an easy mistake to make, but I've been seeing it more and more and it's driving me nuts.

It stems from a misunderstanding that a contraction should be used: "Must've." At least, that's what I think.

That being said, I would still go with your take. "Must've" would be fine in dialogue, but in prose, "must have" would be more appropriate, even if both are technically correct.

5659161 Oops! so sorry about that, I'll fix it right away.

Well, he's about to learn a valuable lesson. I wonder if he'll ever meet Philomena, she'd probably have a lot to say about Tia and Lulu :rainbowlaugh:

Well, at this rate Twi will learn every thing about their pets what she wasn't supposed to learn. Good job!

5659226 It's actually caused by a spoken English issue, where if you say "Have" without enunciating it clearly, especially when spoken quickly, it sounds close enough to "of" to be mistaken for it. When you type, usually you think word by word, and type as your brain recalls the words; it's an easy error to make if you aren't paying attention because of that.

Of course, some people just don't know better. That's clearly not the problem in this case, so I'm assuming typo. But I've seen authors out there in the deep black abyss of fanfiction that have never even heard of the word "have", and always use "of" instead. The horror is real. :fluttercry:


But I've seen authors out there in the deep black abyss of fanfiction that have never even heard of the word "have", and always use "of" instead.

... I don't believe you. You're trying to trick me.

5660494 I wish. I really really wish.

No... that's not true. That's impossible!

5662448 Please, please tell me this is just some sick joke!:raritycry:

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