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In the new Equestria, full of humans, romance blooms for almost everyone. But there's always the outlier.

Written for Conrad from Nova scotia


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Awww I'm gonna miss u...

I'll be back within a month. Depends when the depression lifts.

I'll be back with a vengeance though! :YEAAAAAAAAAAAH:

4165969 that's good. If there's anything I can I to help don't be Afriad to ask...

Uh...do a barrel roll?

That was a cute story! :pinkiehappy: This was well done, as usual!:pinkiehappy: Hope you feel better soon! I know what depression's like. Went through periods long before I got diagnosed. If you need to talk about it don't be afraid to reach out.

4165975 o-.....k... *does a barrel roll*

Hope you feel better

4166077 Seriously? *Points at description*:ajbemused:

4166079 i'm kinda one of those people that when you say don't do something i will do the complete opposite just for shits and giggles
and no i will not to stupid things like kill myself

4166045 you douche lol. That description was shot
At me wadn't it...!?

4166087 hehehe this is getting interesting :pinkiehappy:

The first two comments have been about me asking for help. Gotta nip it in the bud, yo.

don't fill the comments with: "Hope you feel better."

I hope you feel worse

Thank you.:ajsmug:

4166268 it's my job

I know who you are...professional asshole.

God speed you glorious fuck. derpicdn.net/img/2014/3/14/574923/large.png

4166273 I will cum in you so hard you get pregnant with triplets

Xob muc a ekil kool tsuj d'tI !tah a etangerpmi tonnac eno. :ajbemused:

Tah a xob muc reven dluohs eno dna.

> Nemow > taH gniylpmi

Ytinecsbo thgin etal eht rof yay.:rainbowkiss:

4166298 i hope you feel better as well, however my wishes are based primarily on greed so come back soon to continue writing glorious pony.

Though that doesn't mean i am not sincere.

Also.. Should i have written this all backwords?

Why can't I have a movie night on Tuesdays with Pinkie? Yes yes, I know there's only one Tuesday in the week...

Fuck you too Doc,Fuck you too.

Human x Pinkie is rather rare.
Human x stallion gaying out is even rarer and me gusta that a lot.
It's almost as hot as stallion x human female tag on derpi.

I think the word you are looking for my good author is friend-shipping.:pinkiehappy:

When I hear that term I think of Battleblock Theater.
"All aboard the SS Friend.....ship"

4599658 that game is adorably funny. Love the intro to it.:rainbowlaugh:

Your requested editor mode: I think you focused a bit too much on Pinkie's annoying side. I would have liked the talk to go on a bit more but the flow of the story is one of your better and the twist was flawless.

Now for the little fanboy inside me:

4166273 that should be wallpaper.:rainbowderp:

well, besides that left punch to the nuts, this was a pretty good one shot.

Nice one. Certainly wasn't expecting that little twist. :moustache:

Cute. Pretty well done. Completely blindsided me. Kinda feel sorry for Pinkie.

Happy writing.


... I completely agree.

PLOT TWIST PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weeeeeew!

>ponk trying to get naughty with you doesn't instantly turn you straight


this was a nice read just before bed thanks Sir Hat now I'm gonna go cuddle the wife night all

4165975 remember to always come back ...

I was not expecting him to say he was gay.

PInk dream~~~~

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