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Scootaloo recounts her life as a flightless pegasus.

Shortish story.

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Sweet mother of feels why would you do this to me? :applecry:
-ahem- Anyway. This was really cute and it almost had the feeling of an immortal Twilicorn story about how she had to watch her friends die peacefully, but from another pony's POV. . . Now excuse me while I go slam my head against a wall until my eyes stop trying to leak saltwater.

Jesus are you gonna die? Please don't die on me, it's not that (:fluttershbad:Hhhhhhhhnnng) worthy.

I'm normally not a person that cries very much, but in this story... Let's say i had already tears in my eyes after reading the description.

In my adventures throughout Fimfiction, I have never found a story quite like this. Your short story of Scootalloo's life was indeed a very sad and depressing story, but you will never know the smile that spread across my face on those last lines. That, my friend, was a piece of gold! Good luck in all of your future writing!

4016743 I've been reading a lot of sad/feels-y stories lately so it doesn't take much to set me off. And yes, it is "hnnnnnng-worthy", you can't avoid the truth!

4028588 I've been avoiding the truth for years! I ain't gonna stop now!

4028626 You must face it at some point... I'll bet your hat on it!

I have no idea what to say except that I am so faving this.

Wow. That was very bittersweet. Favorited.

I didn't really expect to hear so much story in so little words. Hearing the whole life of Scootaloo was sad, but not tragic. It was a great ride. Thanks for the story.

I have got to stop reading these sad tales. See my avatar? Look what you (and these sad stories) have done to my avatar.

I..... I don't know what to say. I cried. I don't cry often, I don't feel that much, but dear celestia that was something else! I love it, I love the POV and I love you for writing it! :heart: (no homo)
But now I have to get all this happy, cheery, depressing, teary eyed feelings out of myself. :fluttercry: I think raging on team fortress 2 will help :flutterrage: ...... maybe. :pinkiesad2:

Huh. A fascinating conceit, and one that makes a lot of sense.

The story loses some steam as it recounts the events of the show, but it picks up nicely once it's out of canon. Not sure how you could bolster that area; there's a sort of "we know this already" malaise, but summarizing or excising it doesn't feel like the way to go...

In any case, overall, this was a very good read and a nice bit of heartwarmth. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

[10:59:02 AM] Aktion Kolumbin: :O
[10:59:12 AM] Aktion Kolumbin: something with actual artistic merit

:fluttercry: Poor Scoots. Someone should help her. But how?
But how you ask?


I's still pritty early in my current fic... I think I could squeaze in another character :pinkiehappy:

You, good sir/ma'am, have made me cry.
Good Job.
Good Job.
Good Job.


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