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Nothing much to say. Read fanfics for a while. Finally decided to make an account to comment and put my 2 cents in. Not sure if I'll ever get a story out.

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Well, that makes sense, we are about to start a new installment of the 'Michaelverse', as we decided to call it. It is a prequel, taking place shortly after the events of the Spring Is in Bloom, it will feature the whole CMC, on a camping trip. Can't tell more, but it will be great!

Also, we decided to enter a writer's contest, ask Kirb for the details.


1734162 no problem. You both seem like good writers. Interested to see what you both will put out. And you are entirely right. I dont usually say much, but i will have an opinion sometimes, and is usually helpful.

the collab on the story "Spring is in bloom"
i am interested to see what is coming my way from you.

Hey, thanks a ton for faving Spring Is in Bloom and watching me!

1733455 Probably because you helped with Spring Is in Bloom, he watched me too and gave it a favorite.

-Kirb, got sunshine in a bag. (ytdatr) fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2015/019/3/b/sig_by_flyingbrickanimation-d8elwjm.png

Oh, a new stalker, well hello! :)
May I ask, what is the reason for this rare event?


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