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It started with one: one little pony that decided to crawl out of my monitor. Now I'm stuck with a load of tiny ponies. Things could be worse though they're entertaining to say the least. They tend to break stuff when left on their own though...but they're all rather well mannered besides that.

Note: I'm tired of being original, cute is better anyways.

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oh my god they are sooo cute i gotta read this

Well.......that's interesting. :rainbowhuh:

quick question how big are the ponies in this story.

3555617 He said they were large as a new born kitten... Or a regular sized kitten.

Estimation would be...hmmm About the size of a pug puppy...

3555715 not new born, estimation would be...again...just big enough that a hand could pick her up by her barrel.

3555767 I'm partially right?... Meh, I can live with that.

This is a nice change of pace among all the serious "2darkNedgy4u" this site seems to have so much of. I'll be keeping an eye on this.

A few things I caught, though.

"...oh! ...I thought...actually...you probably can't fit me in your mouth anyways..."

The 'oh' should be capitalized. The first letter of a sentence is always a cap even if ellipses come before it. This happened in a few other sentences too.
Another good idea would be to indent your paragraphs. Not for any particular reason, just to make the layout look neater. If you write in gDocs, then there is a function that can automatically do so for you. A quick google search should find it if you aren't already aware.

Other than what I mentioned, I saw nothing out of place, which is much better than the average FimFic writer.

Keep on keeping on, friendo.


Wayo! (Onward and upward, brother my brother!)


Yeah, I could imagine someone just saying that mid conversation.
Myah, see? LAIR!

Hah! Being puppy-sized makes them even more cuter!:rainbowkiss: I don't know if I can handle this.

I read Sean as Satan. I was confused for a sec there. :derpytongue2:


Noted and fixed...wayo...(Sarcastic)

Dialogue feels wierd, but other than that faved! :twilightsmile:

The whole situation is kinda weird, should loosen up as story progresses.

Aaaaand I now have diabeetus. Thanks for that, hat.

..I think my heart just exploded, is that ok?

Congrats on making the featured box!


Bloody....(Mildly perturbed)

3555617 it said right in the story that she was about the size of a kitten :trixieshiftright:

btw I really loved the story I would like to see more :heart:

I haven't read this yet, but it seems I have a framework in draft of a similar story. I'll just take that as great minds thinking alike! :pinkiehappy:

Reminds me of two other stories on this site, but cute enough.

Note: I'm tired of being original, cute is better anyways.

Man, that's just depressing. I mean, it's an accurate assessment by any quantitative measure of success, but still.

> Stop trying to be original
> Get featured


Welp... I squee'd.

All my approvals. You must have them!

Also, one look at my avatar picture should say everything you need to know about what I think of this story :pinkiehappy:

Also, upvoted, favorited.

Yeah...I know...believe me I know....

3558655 YAY more people that are awake!


Suddenly I have an urge to read good HiE with cat-sized ponies compared to human. Imagine all the trouble poor human would be into being a freakin giant. Not to mention about spare clothes : P

just the cover bring me here its sooo cuteeeeee:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

Rarity would go apeshit with the opportunity to make clothing that big :raritywink:


3559023 Indeed she would.

Imagine if blueblood came out of the program....poor blueblood.

I like this fic, but, you're repeating yourself in dialogue quite a bit. I mean, we get it. She peed herself, but, you shouldn't constantly be digging at it.

Other than that, try avoiding too many ellipses and dashes and focus on just saying what needs to be said. If a character stutters, just use one or two words with a hyphen and say that they stuttered.

Continue writing.

It is 100% normal in this situation. You have no need to panic.

That's not the way I meant it though:derpytongue2:.

Awwwwwww that was soooo cute

...I was scared..." She sounded kinda down about it.

Related error to an earlier one: An ellipsis does not end a sentence, so you shouldn't be capitalizing "She" there.

In fact, you also can't end a sentence with an ellipsis, which you try to do a bunch of times. You still need a period at the end, (this is sometimes described as a 'four-dot ellipsis').

I want a little Rainbow Dash ;D More please!

And this is just Rainbow Dash!
The description says so that there could be more,

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it is sooo cute i want more mane 6 lets keep this going ppls

Oh my gosh the mental images of a tiny Rainbow Dashie :rainbowkiss: And the whole scratching thing so she falls asleep. Can't wait to read more!! :raritywink:

This concept of tiny ponies is very appealing, I kinda want to write my own version of this scenario. A fanfic of a fanfic, perhaps.

That was pretty adorable.

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