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You've watched every episode at least twice. You make regular pilgrimages to Hot Topic for pony stuff. You post regularly on MLP fanfiction sites. And you have a crush on Fluttershy.

In short, you could not be more of a brony if you tried.

So what happens when the Mane 6 suddenly materialize in your bedroom...and they're not very happy to see you?

Special thanks to Espeon_in_the_morning, RDTwin, The Lost One, JarheadHME, and TinkerStrike, for pre-reading and editing!

EDIT: By Steinbeck's mustache, this fic has been featured!

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I find it pretty stupid that he went to comb his hair, lol good so far, has withheld my interest. :derpytongue2:

Interesting....Do try not to make the same mistake 'Running from Twilight' did. :pinkiesmile:

(that mistake being taking out the literal running from twilight part :ajbemused:)

this was truely awesome:rainbowlaugh: faved:moustache:

Loved it, plz update soon. Are they from the future and are trying to punish him for his actions in the future.? Or do they hate humans? So many questions!!! Anyone you won a like and a fav!!!

ok I got to say this best read in my whole life keep it up

>2nd person brony-meets-pony story



Did you even read the story?

Hope you update regularly! This was a good read! *faves*:pinkiehappy:

Okay. This is new.:rainbowderp:
You have my attention, dear author.:trixieshiftright:
Please do not disappoint.:unsuresweetie:

OK Pony on earth- Check
Pony angry at human - Check
Confused human With crush one of main 6 - Check
Rating 10/10
Keep Going this is good and don't let anybody else tell you otherwise.

You obviously haven't read very much.

Okay, you've got my attention

i must say you have peaked my interest:trollestia:

Lets hope I can retain it.

*Finishes the chapter and gets to the bottom* WHERES THE REST?!:flutterrage::flutterrage:

I like it. :pinkiehappy: Please make more, SOON :pinkiecrazy:


Now I'm interested :pinkiehappy: please continue :twilightsmile:

Out of curiosity...have you yet determined what the reasoning is behind the Mane 6's reaction? Or are you as unsure as we readers are on that note? :rainbowhuh:...

Yes I have. And I'm not going to tell you.

Well, this is far to interesting to ignore. Although, this isn't Conversion Bureau, is it?

....major OOC to just attack some poor guy.


Seriously though, calm down. :unsuresweetie:

Interesting start thus far, but not yet ready for a fav from me...
Let's see how deep this closet goes.

3613993 Kinda hard for them to read with their head up their ass.

I had an idea for this sort of revenge, but this is much more entertaining than what I thought up.

You forgot to say what I'd do with Pinkie. Otherwise, pretty good.

The fimpressions (first impressions) he received must be disguised depressions in his skull and ribs.

i must know why they want to hurt him. and what is the plan? i hate you so much right now!!!:twilightangry2:


You'll find out in time...

I'm calling it; brony has gotten caught up in some sort of cross dimensional slavery ring run by the mane six :rainbowwild:

3614760 woah, woah, woah. this ISN'T a human slave ring?

that's somewhat new, actually...

To sorta quote "HeartOfMadness" video post. (If I was the character in the story) "What F!@# did I do?"


Normal starting day, characters that don't aren't suppose to be real show up in real life, and then said characters are trying to (and so far are doing an excellent job of it) kicking butt of the first human they meet!

.......You have my attention. Looking forward to the next chapter to find out what this guy did.
....*mumbles to myself* Wonder if it has something to do with all those comments and two stories that he read earlier? *finishes mumbling to myself*

You assure yourself that noone will how much her voice scared you.

You accidentally a word here.

i am.... interested to say the least please carry on:raritywink:

Hrm, I hypothesize, that this either A) case of mistaken identity, B) the result of something he hasn't done yet, C) some one else set up the mane six (lied to them), D) he did something horrible that to the ponies was unforgivable and doesn't realize what, or E) the mane six are sick of their creepy fan base and are trying to get rid of them one by one.

I have a gun safe for a reason. This is not it.

My curiousity is peeked.

Thou earns my interest.



I would probably grab a shotgun, load it, point it at one of them... then just say "F*** it!" And run away firing in the air hoping some other guy with a gun shows up.

That or go on a lecture about how Pissed off I am that they are invading my house and trying to take me out.

Basically you'd act like Gordon Freeman from "Freeman's Mind".

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