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This story is a sequel to The Mare of the Night

It's been six months since Starlight Nightflier, batpony prostitute, was hired to be the conversation partner of UN ambassador Daniel Habbuck. Since then, she's gained a new job, a new home, and a new future for her beloved son.

But that's not enough for Starlight. She wants to be more than just a friend to Daniel. Much more. But something's holding her back. Something from her past that refuses to die...

A collaboration between moi and Comrade_Pony

Special thanks to AidenHeaven, HolyStreak, KG472, zxzxzxzxzx24, and NarlepoaxIII for proofreading and editing!

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Exactly what i needed today. Thanks for the new story!

Woohoo!! Enjoyed the 1st chapter.

.....and you're welcome. My pleasure to help out in the proofreading process.

Thank you that you have begun this sequel, you have started a great story and I hope the follow through.

Best regards, Mattgenesis.



O my this is going to be a good story.
I can tell this is going to be a super good sequel to a good story.
Amazing righting good job Flint-Lock
Harts Fire

*Squee!* It's here! YES~! Thumbs up and watched~! Oh I can feel the story going to be complicated and awesome at the same time!

The first story earned my interest (except for sinking the twilight ship, you monster), and I'll be following this one closely...

I'd say that the whole "both are in love with the other without the other knowing and neither will admit it" thing has been overdone repeatedly, but the background world you have built up seems very intriguing, so I'm giving this a watch. Love interdimensional contact stories.

“That’s good. What about your skydancing? Had any luck?”

“I might be able to help you with that,” Daniel said. He rubbed his chin for a second. “One of my colleagues is a regular contributor to the Canterlot Opera. He’s a decent pony, I’m sure once he saw you perform he could see about getting you an aud-”

I think a line got deleted in the middle there. Perhaps "No, no ones been interested." or even she gave a forlorn shake of her head. Otherwise it kinda breaks the conversation.

Thank you for making a sequel I'm loving ti so far. Any plans on flashbacks with him dating Twilight and/or first arriving in Equestria?

Hm, the first inter-species romance with humans that actually interested me. Cool.

Yes, perfect. I was really hoping that the original story would get a continuation.

Woo-hoo! I really been looking forward to this. Going to read it when I get back to the house tonight. No sleep for me but it will be well worth it. Thank you!

A sequel? Not just another chapter? :duck:

AHHH! She's back! Quickly! Chrome! New orders for you! Send this to my Kindle immediately!

Yes, a sequel at last! :D I do hope theres plenty more coming

Yes! The sequel is here! I must read. I need my fix...:pinkiehappy:

Daniel sighed. “It all gives Equestria a sort of childlike innocence. One that Earth lost a long, long time ago.”

Dude, take away those nostalgia glasses. There was never a more "innocent" era than the actual one. :ajbemused:

6405942 Even the 'innocence' of the current age exists only if one is wearing rose-colored glasses and living in a very safe, sheltered location.

My little town has seen a dramatic rise in murders in the past 20 years (from near a less-than-one-yearly average in the early 80's to now at least one a week... we're now the 3rd most violent small-to-medium town in NJ... yay us :ajbemused:) and two years ago a drug house 3 lots down the street from my house was shot up.

But yeah, human history is one of near ceaseless bloodshed and everybody attacking everybody else.

Our modern weapons just make it quicker and more efficient. Some of our weapons today in the hands of past mad rulers... the idea is horrifying.

*imagines Nero with nukes...* NOTHING WOULD BE LEFT!!! :raritydespair:

I like the story even with the end of the Twilight ship.

On a side note I find that those that
'Fall' in love are less likely to fight for it than those that worked for love.

Twilight and the main fell in love then allowed their jobs to pull them apart.

Love is work just like everything else in life you have to work for it to keep it, but if you didn't have to work to find it you are left with the mistaken impression that you should not have to work to keep it.

I cannot tell you how many relationships I have seen fail simply because one or both parties are either lazy or stuck in a fantasy land. Believing silly things like 'if it was meant to be it will be' or 'if we love each other we would not fight so much'. If you love someone you will get angry at them quicker than someone who doesn't because you have more emotions invested in them. That means when either of you make a mistake it is going to upset the other more. It is this emotional highs and lows that make communicating so important.

Twilight and the main could have worked out, but they both decided that 'fate' or 'destiny' was against them and have up...Heck maybe they even got it into their silly heads that 'it was for the best' or 'they will be happier with someone else'.

Hopefully these two are sufficiently mature enough not to fall for any of those foolish thoughts.

:pinkiegasp: Yay :yay: I was waiting for this :twilightsmile: Auto fave but i will have to read it later though may be a week before I can get to it :fluttershysad:

But wait, there's more?!


It has survived Windigoes, Discord, and Nightmare Moon,” Starlight smiled. “I am very certain that it can survive Disney and McDonalds.”

She clearly underestimates the power of big company capitalism.

wow to see a story go right to #1 in a short time like this. :pinkiegasp: :yay: :twilightsmile: :coolphoto:
this is AWSOM.
Harts Fire

Yes! You have returned to us. Great beginning, I await more.

6405957 While my town isn't a place for murder, one could play a (very likely drunk) drinking game with the death toll each morning on the TV. And that's just in one or two cities.

You may want to make a blog post and tag the first story so more people will find this one.

“It’s good.” Daniel lifted a piece of sauce-slathered chicken with those “chopsticks” and popped it into his mouth. “It’s been a while since I’ve had actual Chinese food.”

It sounds like they are eating the Americanized version of Chinese food, not actual Chinese food. Then again I don't think most Americans would know there is a difference.

Oh how long are we going to have to do this dance? I never did enjoy the Can't-Spit-It-Out Waltz. I know it is very true but it just gets tiresome after a while.

Bring on the batpony mafia! We need some made stallions in here. Have a little danger, maybe a fillynapping. That'll get those lips loosened up!

6405957 What? Dude, I live in NJ too, and yet there's next to no crime where I am...:derpyderp1:

I saw this featured and thought it was the original oneshot. I thought, "Ehh, might as well reread it."

Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was a sequel!

What a glorious day this is.
A sequel of epic proportions.

OK, I think I'm going to enjoy this story.

Bat ponies being adorable?

You sir or madam, have earned my favorite

Disney will turn Equestrian history into animated musicals and merchandise them to death.

No Hasbro would. *Sees Brony army*

is it me or does our diplomat not know the difference between international business enterprises and immigration policy

This felt a lot cleaner in regards to formatting/mechanics/etc than its prequel. Hell, it was cleaner.

Really enjoyed this, and I'll be waiting for more. Good show.

Yes but will the Apples survive Monsanto?

6406998 I mean they're also probably going to have to deal with copyright battles with Apple so...

They're screwed super hard.

You can thank my cowriter for that.


Thanks for noticing. It's nice to know that the extra work both Flint and I put in has had a perceivable effect on quality.

6407104 It's very noticeable. Y'all done good, seriously. My love of batponies in all forms in no ways informs this

Okay, maybe a little. But sincerely, I look forward to more.

Oh it's going to be one of these stories. They're always so cute and frustrating for the readers. :twilightsmile:

Great to see the sequel out after only 10 weeks.

Your previous tale caught my eye. As has this one.
I am excited for more. :trixieshiftright:

and the crowd goes YES!!! YES!!! a sequel

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