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And a lot of fun it was to edit, too. :heart:

And his mind is a beacon in the veil of the night, in the strange and curious fashion of the wrong and the right.

"You like that, don’t you?” Said Kisin

“Shut up and rub, mortal.”

Spoken like a true cat :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm...I’m tempted to call foul, the riddle game is sacred after all. Even Gollum knew that :p (What have I got in my pocket only counted as a riddle not a question because he accepted it)

Still, fun!

some ones been playing corruption of champions

Never heard of it.

This was cleaner than I anticipated.


Clever, CLEVER sphinx. Haha.

She so loved loopholes.

The truest of evil, is that which wins even when it loses.

Ah, someone else who listens to obscure 80's pop songs.

What movie is that image from?

The Devil's Advocate.
An awesome movie where Al Pacino plays the literal Devil.


Actually, the deal was she had to solve the riddles and he'd become her slave. She did exactly that. The final riddle wasn't actually a riddle at all.

And even if it counts as a riddle, there was no answer, and she gave no answer. So if it counted as a riddle she solved it.


"I have altered the deal. Pray I do not alter it further."

“ Near a river by a tree
On a cloud in the sky
There’s an old mare of iron
Whose always going by and by
And her mind is a void
In the blanket of the day
No matter what we do
She will never go away ”

There are no wrong answers
For fashion is strange

Honestly, I only know it from Epic Guitar's flipnote animation:

And then a few centuries later, Trixie was born. Seriously it would explain so much.

Actually, the deal was if she could solve three of his riddles, he would be her slave, whereas if she lost (not "couldn't solve one" but lost, which means failing to solve or yielding), then she'd become one of the village's warriors to defend it.
He gave her two riddles, and meaningless nonsense. She yielded without ever actually hearing a third riddle.

There were a few missing punctuation marks, but I really liked the story. Is this village where the kirin come from, and are they the offspring of Makira and Kisin?

Comment posted by Poompow117 deleted Mar 29th, 2019

She certainly thought it was a riddle.

Here's the original music video

...is it wrong I thought the answer to the third "riddle" was the mare in the moon? Granted, I think luna was still around at this point in the timeline, but it feels like it fits. You can see the moon reflected in the river, it appears to sit on clouds in the sky, it passes by the world each night... in the day it kinda disappears into the void... and of course, no matter what anypony does, the moon isn't going anywhere. The only part that doesn't quite fit is the old mare of iron line.

That said, loved the ending :pinkiehappy:

Alondro trots in with a HUGE sh33t-eating grin on his face.
The Sphinx raises an eyebrow.
Alondro takes a deep breath and shouts with all his might, "LIFT YER TAIL!!"
The Sphinx promptly chews him into a bloody pulp.

I like the concept. Maybe somepony should write that.

Magnificent. The sphinx is a lot of fun to work with, and this was a delight to read. Thank you for it.

and then they have 50 sphinx/pony hybrids, all of them super adorable!

The Sphinx is such a interesting character, and it's always interesting when a well written fic with her comes around.
I would have been great if this turned into a series, the everyday life of the Sphinx and her stallion husband, now that would have been some mighty interesting reading.

I mean...I think he got a pretty good deal, personally...

Yessss....Loopholes are grand, aren’t they?


First time I heard it was here

I thought it was the sun, it fits into the riddle imo

Well done.

We need more kitty cat Sphinx stuff.

~Skeeter The Lurker

This was AMAZING :rainbowkiss: Pleasure to read a short but well written masterpiece :raritystarry: Please tell me that not a one shot! :twilightblush: This would make a perfect start for a long series or romance :pinkiehappy: Anyway thanks for it :raritywink:

I was confused. Why the sex tag?

Comment posted by Flint-Lock deleted Mar 31st, 2019

(Hasn't finished reading yet)

“ Near a river by a tree On a cloud in the sky There’s an old mare of iron Whose always going by and by And her mind is a void In the blanket of the day No matter what we do She will never go away ”

Is it bad that the first thing that jumped in my head was "an ex-wife"? (though maybe ex-girlfriend is a better one)
Well, I wasn't expecting that. Clever pony....too clever for his own good....or maybe this is a blessing and not a self-inflicted curse? Only the author knows.
Your soul is not tainted by Corruption as ours is. Don't look it up, you might get hooked.

I can't help but picture the riddles being:
"What is your name?"
"What is your quest?"
"What is the capital of Assyria?"

What did you anticipate?

Well, considering that this had come out shortly after a similarly-titled story, I didn't know if this was directly related to it.

My guess is the part when the sphinx checked out the heir's flank.

Indeed! The Potential is untouched yet

:yay: A new adorable race is born

Absolutely PRICELESS :yay:

I was thinking a cloud. Maybe a pony shaped cloud.
Iron color, cloud in the sky, mind is a void.

Aww, what an adorable ponecat.

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