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Twilight finds out her friends are not what they seem...
Gore tag for slight mention of blood. It's so minimal, it probably could go without, but I put it up just to make sure.

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Premise was fun enough that I wanted to be the first to read it. And it was fun. I feel like you could have done more with it, like go into details of how their secrets have either helped it hindered them throughout the series. But for a short quick story what was there was fine, and fun.
One small grammar mistake:

“The other already know about us,”
Just need an "s".

Oh, I almost forgot to leave I like:twilightblush:

....I was honestly expecting Fluttershy's vampyrism being a byproduct of the whole "Bats" episode.

There is a Van Hellsing joke here somewhere, I'm just too lazy to make it.

Good story, I had fun reading it!

Have a Wike!

( Werewolf Like)

thanks i didn't catch that

i was actually going off the fact that she still has that one snaggletooth at the end of that episode

Fluttershy, darling, which squirrel did you saw I could eat again


Well that's what I meant; that she still had the side effects of Twilight's spell upon her.....even though that was cause of vampire fruit bats. ^^;

Can we have a sequel with all the others discussing if they should tell twilight she is secretly a different race but doesn't remember? Please? I would do it but I can´t seem to get o single story out. :fluttershysad:

Congrats! You get a like.

Good story. Thank you.

9601820 Of course she's of a different race! Did anyone really believe that "invent new magic to become an alicorn" nonsense? That spell she "completed" didn't even do anything, besides giving her wings.

P.S. I think the "gore" tag is well placed, actually. The idea of killing (at least somewhat) sentient creatures, with their consent no less, is definitely creepier than a little blood.
Also, can't help but think that the "stare" has something to do with a lot of that "consent", I don't think that a single small critter every full moon would be enough. Either that or Fluttershy got the whole forest to look for incapacitated critters who would not survive and bring them to feed her. Still creepy.

I’m surprised this wasn’t done sooner.

That was pretty funny.

i actually forgot fluttershy had the stare
good point tho

like i said, i was between ideas before this was born

you know that gives me an idea
like twi is celly's daughter or something?

Do you mind telling me what was wrong with that rabbit?

if it makes you feel better the rabbit was old and going blind and it was gonna die on its own anyway

This was adorable, thank you for the smile.

Oh. I have a feeling Fluttershy would try to finish it as fast as she can.

that first night, I was so… thirsty, I almost drank my whole family dry. With Zephyr, I was really tempted,

Neither of us have tasted pony blood in our lives


Cool story, though! I like Pinkie's... Pinkie-ing.

I was kinda half-expecting Twilight to be some sort of non-pony as well. Just like that one fic where Ponyville was a safe haven for changeling refugees

She’s didnt do it, she was just tempted

That sounds interesting
What is that fic called?

Just because she was tempted to bite her family doesn't mean she did. Otherwise, there'd be 2-3 more infected vampires with Mr and Mrs Shy and Zephyr.

“We only eat animals, Twilight, don’t worry. Neither of us have tasted pony blood in our lives!

Okay, this is a lie. Fluttershy literally just said that she'd attacked her own family when she was first bitten.

read the comment below your comment

It's too bad you missed my horror right off with this. This would have been a great addition...

This is a fun story that's got some serious legs. Meaning, there's a lot more you can do with it, even though it's fine as a short oneshot.

Eh... I personally think this felt rushed without being "funny" rushed. It's this weird halfway point between silly and serious storytelling that makes it neither silly nor all that satisfying as a complete story. A good concept, though.

It sorta has been? There are tons of "mane six member(s) is/are secretly X non-pony" fics out there, I've read some myself over the years.

The entire time I was waiting on twilight being a.lich or something.

Twilight stared in the direction she had gone. Her eye twitched once, twice, and then she fainted.

When you find out your friends are supernatural beings 101.

Still, don’t worry, Twilight, you’re an Alicorn Princess! That ought to even the scales. :twilightsmile:

Oh, and I know another story with a very similar premise, only it’s more serious. You might want to give it a read.

Oh, and it’s written by Starscribe.

TSecrets of the Mane Six
Everypony has their secrets. Twilight never imagined those her own best friends might be hiding from her, until one of her new duties as a princess brought her stumbling headlong into a side of Equestria she never even knew existed.
Starscribe · 68k words  ·  705  11 · 5.7k views

I mean. Twilight's a demigoddess and some sort of lesser noble even before all this (why else would a princess babysit her). She has two vampire friends, two werewolf/timberwolf friends, and a changeling friend - and her little brother/son-figure is a dragon. This seems perfectly fine to me.

Well, depending on your interpretation, Spike is technically a Zombie Dragon Baby, and Twilight is a Mad "Scientist", So I don't seet what the problem is.

If Apple Bloom, is a young Werewolf, what does that mean for the rest of the CMC?

I’m actually reading that right now

They don’t all have to be nonponies

Oh I know, but (almost? I don't claim to have perfect memory) all the stories I've read take themselves too seriously. Theres plenty of "Fluttershy was a vampire the whole time!"-stories, but I'm not exactly tripping over "Hm? Oh yeah, Fluttershy is a vampire. You were the only one who didn't know Twilight. Oh and Applejack is a Timberwolf, we're still on for poker night right?"-stories.

what's next twilight turning into a ghoul?

What would pinkie look like as a changeling? I can see her as an og ling, no prob, but not as the new ones. What do you guys think? Maybe like draw ur ideas and post them here?

And the circle closes, I just read this ^^

Ah. I guess I misread it then. I have the comments set up to have the newest one last instead of first, so I didn't see that.

This is a good story though...

I guess the word 'almost' is the key here. Meaning she was very tempted to do it but never actually did it.

TwiLich Sparkle

No, her family is a long ling of vampire hunters.

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