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Writing wrongs.


Bon Bon is on fire. Local ponies do their part in trying to help the situation. Lyra is not pleased.

Cover art is by lyres-art.

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Comments ( 12 )

"What the hell did I just read?"

Sorry, couldn't resist.

This was all completely logical and fitting with canon characterization.

Then Rainbow Dash did something useful and didn't make it worse.

You were SO close.:rainbowwild:

Thank you for this funny story!

This was funnier then I thought it would be

I was expecting they would try to literally stomp out the fire or something like that.
But you got even more creative here.

How about we just walk away, and have someone else take care of it.

This was funny. :rainbowlaugh:

It also made me want to steal your username.

she takes her weather very seriously

Wait! Why is she on fire?

"Ha! Spell that can put out fire," Twilight said, laughing.

Yeah, really, Lyra; they use the Elements of Harmony, not the four alchemical elements, yeesh.

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