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Writing wrongs.


Princess Luna was drunk last night. Very drunk. She knows she slept with a mare, but she can't remember who it was. She does remember Ocellus, however, and goes to her for help.

This was written for the May pairing contest.

Cover art is by Joakaha.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 9 )

I smell perfection.

So far as I've gone...

This actually seems like an actually normal story from you. WuAW It'S A mIRACLE

Is this something... not asinine from you?

Boi, you've caught me by surpreez

I dunno, I think it's pretty asinine by the end.


Not so much as that as it was actually perfect. Never did I expect it to be [REDACTED], as the entire time I was thinking it was, well, Ocellus.

What a suprising twist to who the mystery mare was!

I thought she slept with herself

That would have been good too. She was just kissing a mirror.

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