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Writing wrongs.


Seriously, I racked my brain for hours, and I can't remember ever actually seeing a deer. You hear stories about them, sure, and they're all over the place, right? Then why hasn't anypony actually seen one with their own eyes? What's up with that?

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Why do I feel personally attacked?

Are bronies animals?

Because you are you deergenerate

Are alicorns even possibly immortal? JOIN US NEXT TIME ON FILM THEORY!

Vecauce! Souls here are deer real?

If my memory serves me right, in the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic comics there's a story arc with a deer prince.

He’s lying. :rainbowderp:


In the show they're just normal animals though. They're in the background of a lot of shots of animals.

I never knew that, I'll have to look back through the episodes for myself


Filli Vanilli, Fake It Till You Make It, Fluttershy Leans in and Friendship Through the Ages all have deer.

I saw a real deer in a forest preserve today.

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