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Writing wrongs.


Twilight sits at her desk. A glance reveals nothing. A look raises questions. A stare shows something unsettling. She's not moving.

A short experiment in some kind of horror inspired partly by Lovecraft.

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That was pretty horrifying... Good job.

Why isn't there a tragedy tag?

Tragedy kind of implies there was some hope or potential brighter future that was lost, I think. I dunno if I can justify the tag, since people searching for it might expect something more emotional than this.



"Tragedy" doesn't mean "sad++," tragedy means "character felled by their own flaws."

Like Oedipus or MacBeth.

This feels more like August Derleth. Lovecraftian horror always was from the point of view of someone who was sound of mind before suffering that precipitous decent into madness. Derleth had quite a few stories where the character was already toasted in the head. Now, this story is quite good, it’s just not... quite Lovecraftian. Doesn’t change that it’s sufficiently good at existential horror. Lovecraftian would be if... say, Applejack watched this scene in horror.

Ahh, okay, thanks. I am no expert at classifying horror. I mostly described it as "Lovecraftian" because of the big unknown emptiness-being. Thanks for the clarification. Glad you enjoyed it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s very very good. It’s that brand of existential horror that makes it fall into the Lovecraftian horror camp, especially since it’s an unexplainable something insane that happened. I think I was just saying style-wise, it was more Derleth. All of Lovecraft’s stuff is someone walking in on something horrible or going on an expedition and finding something horrible, and realizing that they know nothing, then they go nuts. Derleth alternates between styles, but he alternated between something akin to Lovecraft, and his own. They worked together, so it makes sense they have some overlap.


That was well-written and random. Too random to be scary, I think (but there was enough grotesque to make me uncomfortable).

Lovecraft usally takes his time to establish the scene and characters (even if a lot of his characters end up feeling and sounding the same) but gets pretty vague when it's time to scare a reader.

Whoa, that was fantastic! Makes me wish I had done a bit better with this story. Thanks so much for sharing.

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