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Ocellus meets a new friend and gets more than she bargained for.

Preread by SockPuppet

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Oh no, Ocellus has turned into a chat/sex bot!

Disturbing... I like it.

brilliantly-done. And sorry, but that link doesn't scare me. i already knew about that. :p But yeah, poor Ocellus there.

And then she kinda lost her integrity.

Thanks :twilightsmile:

Nature is so fascinating.


Nice and sinister.

Poor Ocellus, she seems like a good character for horror stories!

My one big problem with this story is that by introducing three similar changeling characters at once with little explanation or uniqueness besides rather unnecessary backstory about their hives, it becomes hard to mentally distinguish them for both keeping track of what happened to who and caring about them, so both just now and when I first read this, I stumbled trying to read the story pretty hard.
If Stapes were replaced with Pharynx, and Malleus and Incus (or Stapes/Pharynx and Malleus) were combined into one character, it would probably work better.

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