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This story is a sequel to Student Six Watch Fallout Lore: The Storyteller Series

The Student Six had finished learning about The Wasteland and were ready to head to Sugarcube Corner for a snack before doing their assignment. However, they find themselves not only trapped in the room with no way out, but stuck in an alternate dimension caused by a powerful being who calls himself Sheogorath, The Daedric Prince of Madness.

For his own amusement, he's brought them here to learn about his own dimension and he has no plans on letting them go until he's had his fill of fun. With no other choice, the Student Six sit down and prepare to learn about Nirn, Tamriel, her history and races, and access to lots and lots of cheese.

The Elder Scroll Lore series belongs to ShoddyCast and Elder Scrolls itself belongs to Bethesda.

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Student Six Watch Elder Scrolls Lore
*neuron activation*

Gosh, your 100th story! Congratulations!👍

This is going to get very good very fast.

Ah my favorite Dadric Prince... or my least favorite, can't decide. He can be so silly/insane its hard to put a read on the guy. Ah well, on with the show I guess... or is it the story? :rainbowwild:

I’d really like to hit Todd with Nerveshatter. Maybe me and Sheo could use him for a game of tennis. And Staada could referee. she probably be biased, but I bet Staada’d look great in a tennis outfit.

This is going to be fun like the last one was. I'm not an expert of Elder Scrolls lore but seeing everyone reacting to it will be fun. It's also cool how the setting this time is they are basically being held hostage by Sheogorath. Kinda crazy to think there is someone that makes Discord seem tame by comparison.

Oh dear. I feel sorry for the Young Six. They're gonna be in for a hell of a ride with this set of lore... to say nothing of who their host is... :pinkiecrazy:

Another series? Well, certainly following this one too. The Fallout one was really fun, and I hope this one lives up to it too.

And TBH, I think I'll be paying more attention to this one. I already knew 70% of the Fallout-verse lore before reading that fanfic or even watching the video series that inspired it. The Elder Scrolls series, though, is a lot less familiar to me, so hopefully this series will act as a lore guide.

Oh boy, I pity the Young Six for if/when they face Molag Bal and Dagon😬

My brain muscles are cramping from thinking and loving this

And after this series , Cegorach appear and boom , more trauma!

Hmmmm, yes

Doubtlessly this series will touch on the phases of Akatosh, the differences between Alduin and Alduin, the god head, the existence of the Magna-Ge and how Magnus did nothing wrong, and how Lorkhan was unironically a deadric prince?


Wulfharth L
Hjalti O
Ysmir R
Talos K
Arctus H
Septim A
----- N"


the more commonly accepted theory is actually that Lorkan's Godly form was split asunder, while his Heart and soul fell to Nirn, the remains of his body became the twin moons, Massa and Secunda...the story of the Heart of Lorkan is well known, but what of his soul? well, there is a certain Kahjitt, or perhaps a family line of Kahjitt, who seem to know more about that than others, but...well, they could all simply be liars...

Someone didn't listen to Mankar Cameron XD

why would i? that guy was certifiable...

Well it is nice how after seeing how terrible the world of Fallout has been for so long, the students finally get to see a more beautiful and arguably more hopeful world. I think it will be fun for the more they learn about the dragons of this world the more Smolder can compare them to the ones in their world.

This is awesome. After this, they should watch some Elden Ring lore lol

It's finally here!! :yay: :pinkiehappy: :ajsmug: :raritystarry: :rainbowkiss: :twilightsmile:

Ooooh by the divine the waiting is killing me

Not sure if they are lucky or unlucky that is Shegorath... The only one that maybe could be better is maybe Hemaeus Mora as he could only share the information... Meridia could be nice but I don't see it kidnapping and telling the young six things, Maybe Boetiah or Mephalala but only as part of a big plan and to lie them not to just tell history and not sure about the kidnapping and put in other dimension. And we can discard Molag Bal, Malacath, Namira, Azura.

With luck Jyggalag can rescue them, and the least talked about Dagon the better I think

P.S: My only source of knowledge is the story "Knowledge is Power" so better take the comment with a mountain of salt.

"Nerevar, moon and star. SHEOGORATH think he is still funny."- Dagoth ur probably.

i feel i should point out that the Prince of Plot's realm does have a proper name, it is known as Snakemount, and it is a realm of twisted mazes and uncertain paths...it is also the location that Boethia hold the Tournament of Ten Bloods, where a Champion from all the races of Joor battle for the chance to win one of Boethia's valuable artifacts. it has been said that Emperor Tidus Mede II once fought in this very tournament and even won Goldbrand there...

Yeah but I'm going by what the videos have for the sake of the interactivity.

Another update! Thank you! By the way where is the video so I can watch it?

I'm forward looking to the Young Six's reactions to Dagon and Molag Bal.

Gallus couldn't help but snort and then laugh incessantly as he pointed at the screen. "THAT'S WHAT THEY DID TO HIM?! THEY MADE HIM INTO A CLOWN GOD OF INSANITY?! AHAHAHAHAA" Suddenly, there was a flash of bright light as a lighting bolt from outside hit Gallus "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH"

Gallus, the key word there is "GOD". Like Ocellus later said, do not taunt a God. At least he got to sit in Silverstream's lap thanks to his little punishment, but he should consider himself lucky it wasn't anything worse, like smiting him.

I hope they find out the champion became Sheogorath instead of just getting that little nod. I’d really like to see their reaction.

The scene then changed to show one Daedra rising out of a coffin like that of a classical vampire as his numerous followers bowed and worshiped him. He spread his arms out theatrically and smiled at the worshipers of his little cult. It turned out that, despite calling themselves "Princes," the Daedra had no gender. They merely changed their shape and form to suit their needs and manipulated the mortals below them. To the Daedric Princes, their morality was alien compared to that of morals. They saw things differently, and as such, what mortals saw as good and evil was twisted under a different logic compared to what they saw.

This was fun to read, in a dark way, given the Students' reactions to the rest of the Daedric Princes. Sanguine's cameo was a fun addition. XD

(You misspelled Sanguine's role though. "Debauchery".)

i feel that i should raise this little nugget of data...Dagon and Bal REALLY don't like each other...in fact, they utterly despise each other, and even moreso since the end of the Third Era. see, Bal had his stunt in the Second Era trying to merge Cold Harbour with Mundus and of course he failed, but Dagon got a lot closer to actually winning with his Oblivion Crisis than Bal did...so yeah, they arnt fans of each other...

I loved this chapter! The reactions of the Young Six to the Daedra were priceless. Especially, their reaction to Molag Bal, I knew that he would definitely get a reaction out of them for sure!

I'm surprised that when they were learning about Vaermina, none of them mentioned Luna.


After all, if Sanguine could appear, who was to say the others wouldn't for their own amusement.

Possible foreshadowing👀👀👀? I'm not gonna lie, I would love to see the Young Six interact with the other Daedra.

Keep up the amazing work, loving the story!

That's a lot of dark shit they reacted to. Especially Boethia eating and excreting Malacath and Molag Bal being known as the King of Rape.

Considering their reaction to Molag, I wonder how the six will handle Serana's story (if they get to hear it)?

Very excited story I can't wait to hear more I keep replying both fallout and Elder Scroll a couple of times I use a text to speech app to learn I at home and work

Autism cat anybody? (I would adore if autism cat was sheogo4arh in this cause of just how weird it would be.)

Wonder if they'll cover how different races view the Daedra and Aedra, like the Reachmen and Khajiit

Glad to see this story update. I enjoyed the Students' reactions to the Divines. Nice to see them get a look at some part of the setting that doesn't disturb them, like the Daedra or the stuff from the Fallout world. XD

I don't know...Debella might have been a bit much for them...

This was a pretty fun one, since most of the Divines seemed to have something nice or interesting about them for the students to enjoy. I epically liked how they all shared how their different races had funerals since it was something else for them to bond over.

Mara certainly did sound like the perfect God for Equestria to worship since she represents everything they strive for. Also the discussion of Applejack and Rarity worshipping Zenithar was good too.

“God can control time? Must have a lot of watches,” Yona thought out loud.

I wonder if Yona believes in the concept of "time is made of circles", since that is why clocks are round.

Dibella was the Goddess of Beauty and Love, and not just the emotional kind but the physical as well which made the group start to sweat and blush. The “Houses of Dibella” were a mix of chapels and...pleasure centers that attracted many to their teachings. One of her near naked followers was shown, praying to an erotic statue of Debilla who was almost nude save for the skimpy clothes around her breasts and between her legs that made the two boys of the six turn around. Ocellus even huffed by turning into a blanket and wrapping herself around a confused Sandbar’s head.

Naturally, the houses held various sexual rituals ranging from carnal acts of simple mating to outright orgies. Unlike the other divines, Dibella was to be worshiped in a more personal manner with such "prayers" being only between you and her so long as those acts were not done in a malicious manner.

“So basically, instead of praying you are banging?” Gallus joked which earned him a swipe from Silverstream.

Ocellus and Silverstream don't let their crushes get those kinds of thoughts except for them. I especially liked Sandbar and Ocellus' talk afterwards, when Sandbar almost let his crush on her slip out.

i feel i should point out that the Dragon Tongue is actually known as Dovahzul, the Thu'um is simply the use of Dovahzul in a Shout...

The way he was spoken and displayed made it seem like he was equal to the amount of reverance as Princess Celestia and Luna were back home.

The Khajiit would disagree, even more strongly than the elves.

"Wait, they can trap souls in gems?!" Ocellus screamed in horror. "That's... that's horrible! What do they use it for? Powering magic and spells? How do you even do that?! Do they feel pain?! If the gem is used up or destroyed, is the soul also gone forever?! How many souls can a normal gem hold?! Why even create a means to do this in the first place?!"

In Equestria we also trap souls in stone, we called it petrification


Good chapter! I enjoyed the reactions of the Students. And their response to the next group to get the spotlight is gonna be something, I bet. XD

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