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Long ago, before Nightmare Moon, the long forgotten Human Kingdoms made their last stand against the united armies of Equestria and the Griffons. Decades of warfare had led to this point, where three great armies would clash and the future of an entire species forgotten to time would be decided that day. Twilight would learn this shocking secret in a long forgotten book in Canterlot library, her discovery would shed some light onto Equestria’s dark past, and the past of its rulers.

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“. It was one of the largest battles in history, over two and fifty hundred thousand combatants.”

Love the story so far but you might need to edit this line to say two hundred and fifty thousand combatants

Although they surrendered after the battle…We…we hunted them down and killed all we found.”

“You did the right thing, sister.” Luna said. “You did the right thing.”

And then all ponies got killed by Wendigos. The end. Seriously though, I don't know why so many authors portray friendship-loving ponies as genocidal maniacs, but they all forget the wendigos. Hopefully some humans survived and paid ponies in kind. Would explain why Equestria is no more and ponies are limited to only 3 cities in G5.


I hate it when authors portray ponies as these hypocritical, super xenophobic/racist, OOC genocidal monsters!?

I hope that human survivors know how to make guns, tanks, planes/jets, helicopters, and nukes in our time ( I mean, it has been over a thousand years, right. ).

And those same modern guns and vehicles will have anti-magic bullets and missiles to go though the ponies dumb shields.

Celestia and Luna will get their karma soon. :pinkiecrazy:

yes, we're still here (is there a possibility of a sequel?)

Maybe, although judging by the reception so far I’m hesitant.

Why are there so many dislikes? It is a perfect basis to see how humanity kicks the butt of other species. Is it because we didn't win (entirely) the first time? or because the ponies are Racist? Let's see what they did makes sense but it was too much and they had another thought at that time they were not pacifists


Not sure why the Ratio is so bad, the story was an enjoyable one-shot.

I think it’s more to do with the whole “genocide being treated as a good thing” part at the end.



Have you watched the show?

There's been multiple episodes of the ponies being racist to everyone who isn't a pony, some of them are even high ranking government officials who openly speak that way without any issues meaning such views are not frowned upon. Hell "everypony" and other pony words denote this view because it isolates ponies from eveeyone else.

Hell it doesn't take much for all 3 tribes to hate each other as we saw with Chrysalis actions in the final.

Ponies are very xenophobic and extremely isolationist before Twilight takes over.

And the Windegos only seem to care if the 3 trines are together or not, not how nice they are to other races so those aren't a factor either.

That doesn't even account for the comics that show it as even more rampant then the show does.


I do remember that. I'm mostly talking about the genocide part.

I'm still a bit disgusted that hasbro made ponykind acting this way in the first place, and in their literal kids show!? It's makes them totally hypocritical with their "friendship and harmony" crap, when they don't do the same thing to other different species, and even themselves.

Thank god that the Mane Six, and later the Mane Five are working hard to fixed this ( Sorta. ).


Dude uncool i like this story becouse
Man is in the medivel age
Both ponys and man is on the same tech lvl so its more intresting

In the end, the votes were in favor. Do you have something planned? there is a lot to grab for a good story, taking into account the G5 as someone said in the comments also although it is your decision I have Faith

Please, can we have a sequel?
Karma and justice must be served you know?

Thanks for the support, sorry it took a while to get reply. I’m a lot less active on Fimfiction than I used to be. There might be a sequel to this, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up in it appearing anytime soon. Sorry!

I agree, karma and justice must be served.
Unfortunately I’m a lot less active on Fimfiction than I used to be, I have a sequel somewhat planned, although I wouldn’t get your hopes up in it appearing anytime soon. Sorry!

It's okay, I'm always happy to wait, the story doesn't need to be that long or complex, as long as whoever is guilty of getting retribution for that sin is sufficient.

I'm already starting to think about how the first page will look like.

One day in Equestria some kind of strange flying metal contraption came to the city of Canterlot, the strange object landed not far from the city and in it there were multiple strange bipedal creatures.
The creature within proclaimed itself as the diplomat of a distant country located on a continent that the ponies had never heard of, the creature then asked to speak with their princesses to resolve some kind of 'past problem' that must be resolved.

When the creature meets the princesses, he hands them a list of requests and demans that must be fulfilled.
chaos ensued, from witnesses who survived, the princesses began to argue fiercely with the creature, their voices were so loud that the guards outside the room started hearing insults and the conversation slowly desended into barbarisim and misguided fury.

After realizing that the princesses would not comply with his demans turned his body from the princesses who were still spitting angry words at him, the creature then decided to leave.

Princess Luna also ordered her guards to restrain the creature, but the creature took out a strange spherical object from her clothes and pulled the pin that was hanging on it.

His last words before he suddenly exploded and killed several Royal Guards and seriously injured princess Luna were: "our race will return, and claim all that we lost...Justice will be served."

I know this isn't a really good plot but this is the best I can think of, I'm still an amateur in writing, the stories I write on my account still have a lot of grammar problems.

Its not a bad idea actually.

Could go with a kind (modern) human appears in Equestria, and things will look ugly.

Or go a different route.

“No.” Celestia said. “She knows it’s in her interest not to speak of what she has found.” Celestia and Luna stood in silence for a few moments, both recalling the ancient war in their minds. “Do you think they could still be out there?” She asked. Luna ignored the question.

Yes we are, just in a different world.

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