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Princess Luna had been terrified of sleeping for months now, her dreams were plagued by horrible nightmares that shook her to the very core. She finally musters up the courage to speak with her sister about them (Rated T for dark themes and violence)

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I feel like Luna should have also told Celestia about how in the nightmare with Celestia seems to have screwed Luna over in favor of Twilight there.

Certainly resonated with how I feel about the writers handling Luna in the show. With how it felt like Luna got screwed over in favor of Twilight there.
Like with Celestia setting everything up(heck, Harmony probably planned all of this) for Twiligh to get the throne but at the expense of Luna in a way.
With her not getting to rule anymore despite she just got back to the moon to making her stay at the sidelines like in Crystal Empire for the sake of Twilight's "test".

I was originally planning on adding Luna telling Celestia about her nightmare to the story, but me being tired and already stressed out by how long it took me to even get the first section done decided to scrap and rewrite most of the story

Well that sucks..

Hot Damn, i always love the open endings.

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