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I shall personally strangle you in the afterlife


Twilight has always wondered how old the princesses are, so she finally went an asked. Least to say, she is VERY surprised

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... Well. That a load of stupid. And not the good kind either. WHY is so much in italics? That took me right out of the story, on top of none of this makes any sense, and not in a good way either.

And if this is the end, why is it no marked Complete?

The incomplete status was an accident, and i don't know how the italics were put there. In editing there is no italic markers, I'm trying to fix it RN

I think this is a good second story, but you have some glaring grammatical mistakes that distract the reader.

The opening was hilarious, but the missing commas made it tedious.

You're off to a good start, but you need to edit more.

Thank you!, I just fixed the massive grammar issue which slipped through when I was writing it. Appreciate the compliment

Can we get more of these three?

I am amused. Then they learn there true mother was a literal big bang.

No my dear guard, you are not.

I couldn't imagine a story like this even when drunk...

Loved it.

:moustache: Really?
:twilightoops: Yes Spike your egg wasn't an egg ! It was Equises kidney stone. . . Three hundred years ago...
:duck: You're telling me my Spikey Wikey was an annoying waste product?
:facehoof: It looked like an egg
:moustache: Does this mean I can ask Rarity for a real date? I'm old enough!
:raritywink: Let me think....

Bucking hilarious. I love it.

Just as Well Equis and Luna didn't form the same way Earth and the Moon did. That would be something like being conjoined twins which were then torn apart by someone.

:duck: I'm still wondering if a kidney stone is precious or not. . . .
:raritywink: It's a yes precious pants
:twilightoops: She said yes?
:moustache: Yea! WHAT DO I DO NOW!
:rainbowlaugh: RUN SPIKE RUN!

I didn’t think about that, and I didn’t want to imagine that in my head

Awesome and hilarious!

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