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This is tagged as Spyro the dragon but is a mlp x Skylanders crossover. There is simply no Skylanders tag so it will have to do.

Frederik, Jason, Fred, Keith, Barry, Mateo, Kaitlin, Kellie, Kendal and Chadwick are all good friends who met at a game expo a couple years back, all cosplaying as their favorite Skylander. One day when they were all hanging out at Keith's house. A weird box is dropped at his front door, which contains figurines of their favorite Skylanders, all wearing a accessory they were currently wearing.

The moment they all grab their respective figurine, they all black out and wake up in the middle of a clearing in the whitetail woods.

This series will be complicated for you to understand if you don't know about Skylanders. I personally only have played the games and will only write lore around what i know and the games. Each character will unlock the different forms of their Skylanders. If a Skylander doesn't have a rerelease (example being one of the Skylanders in this story), or not enough forms. They will get custom forms picked by myself.

You may ask what counts as a form for them? Anything basically. A special figurine such as a glow in the dark? Special form. Lightcore? Special form. Etc.


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I hope you’ll like the rest of the story when it comes out then

Cool. And I hope there's Camo X Applejack. Besides, I also ship Spyro X Cynder, along with Zap X Whirlwind, Bash X Flashwing, and Sunburn X Echo.

Sadly, Echo will most likely only be mentioned in this story. (Unless this becomes like the great fanfic that inspired me, Equestrian Eeveelutions, and someone makes a fanfic about this fanfic.) But some of our Skylander friends may end up with one of the MLP cast.

Well, color me impressed. I'm liking this so far, so I'll be watching this story with great interest. Might get me to work on one of my own stories some more.

Sunburn: Frederik (Fritz)
Zap: Jason
Camo: Fred
Bash: Keith
Spyro: Barry
Cynder: Mateo (Mat)
Whirlwind: Kaitlin
Flashwing: Kellie
Sonic boom: Kendal
Drobot: Chadwick (Chad for short)

Well, well, well. Not only a brand new Skylanders crossover with the various Dragons, Dragon Hybrids, Cyborg, Phoenix, Water Dragon, Life/Leaf Dragon, Winged Unicorn/Dragon Hybrid being mistaken as a "Alicorn", Griffon, but a bunch of Displaced too? Nice.


Why isn't she coming? And if I remember correctly. You forgot Spotlight and Blackout.

Mostly because i feel i can’t handle more than 10 characters in the main group. Especially knowing the number of forms they’ll get.

Because, sneak peak/spoiler for next chapter: One of them will unlock their first form in the middle of chapter three.

Also actually. Whirlwind is a unicorn dragon hybrid. Except Sonic Boom they all are dragons. And i didn’t include blackout and spotlight because i know nothing about them. Same for blades.

And some of them may gain a light/dark form in the future :raritywink:

neat custom figures sound cute!

I hope Kaitlin is careful putting people on a pedestal can actually hurt both parties!

TEN Displaced? Quite a load for you to handle.

Yeah. But the displaced part is gonna come only way later into the story to be fair. And I'm not sure if I'm really gonna make them all become displaced with their own tokens or if some of them just won't create their own tokens

I might actually go back to the first chapter and redo the figurine part later. Not to retcon it of course. I just had a splendid idea with them and I'll need to change the description/ poses of some of the figurines for it to work


Slight mistake with Whirlwind, quickly fixed it. Plus, I have a good feeling that the ponies and the royal sisters might mistake Whirlwind as another "alicorn".

Wonder how Spike and Rarity would feel that she is a hybrid of both unicorn and dragon, if you catch my drift? :raritywink: :moustache:

As for not knowing the quite recent Light and Dark characters.

This is why it's best to research with the short backstories of each Skylander character.

But considering there are so many of them, especially the many different dragon/hybrids. Echo, Blades, and Spotlight and Blackout will feel like extras. :applejackunsure:


Personally, I'm not a fan of those silly displaced token concept in the first place.

Why can't Displaced ( Aka Isekai ) just stay in their own "Equestria" for simple adventure.

Crossing over with many other different authors and they're different plots and story styles tends to give us, and especially the writers a dang headache on how to process what the heck's going on and who's who?

I mean, you don't normally see cliche Isekai Anime or Manga crossing over with each other, right?

To be completely fair. For a long while I thought displaced was just a term to say humans that got isekai'd into Equestria as characters from another franchise, as it's what all the displaced stories I've read so far are basically. I actually only heard of the fact it counts as a displaced only if it has those tokens or such by looking in what group to add the story and seeing the rules of the displaced group.

If a Skylander doesn't have a rerelease

They really did do my boi 'Sunburn' dirty.

I haven't played the game but I have seen the series Skylanders academy and this sounds interesting I'm going to wait for a few more chapters before I start reading


I admit, that I was in the same boat as well of once thinking about the displaced concept from this website.

Still have a distaste of the token concept because that will clearly give out a whole bunch of headaches.

The original isekai/displaced concept is still good by itself.

And who knows, maybe there's a way to use the token concept without making it so confusing to comprehend with?

Maybe instead of having your displaced OC's go to other author's stories.

Would be cool to only have your original displaced, to only interact with your other displaced on your story library instead, like a cool Mini-Multiverse arc/saga?

P.S. I just have now realized seeing that very nice artwork right there.

That as a fellow Spyro/Skylander fan, I should have frickin seen that the first eight dragon/hybrid characters; Spyro, Cynder, Sunburn, Zap, Camo, Bash, Whirlwind, and Drobot are all corresponding the eight elementals. ( Recently including Spotlight and Blackout for the Light and Dark elements.

Excluding the "extra" dragon-like/hybrids of Flashwing, Echo, and Blades.

And Sonic Boom; the Griffon Mother is an extra Skylander character coming along for the ride.

And almost forgot honorable mentions of the likes of Fire Kraken of Swap Force, Dragon/Dragonfly hybrid of High Five, and technically Spitfire from Superchargers. )

Huh....only the second actual skylanders story I have found....also the only displaces one.

They're still known as Displaced, even if they don't make a token. The token thing alot of Displaced stories do, is just there when/if they plan to do cross-over chapters with Displaced authors, but I suggest approaching this with caution and planning if you do plan to write with others. The cross-over chapters most hold some kind of purpose for character development, world building, or story progression and that it does not derail the plot with meaningless banter/too many cross-over chapters, or get in the way of your plans.

"I mean, you don't normally see cliche Isekai Anime or Manga crossing over with each other, right?"
Actually, there is that one Isekai called Isekai Quartet which involves a cross-over between five different isekai animes.

As someone who’s watched isekai Quartet. It doesn’t count it’s a comedy anime.

Huh. I never thought of using Tokens that way. I’m not sure yet if i’ll make more displaced stories as my other stories i currently have written are Isekai too but aren’t displaced. But i might just make them have tokens like that.

And yeah that artwork was really good. It misses out on Flashwing since there’s already bash for the earth element. But it’s a really good piece i found on DeviantArt, you’ve got the source of it too already with the pic btw.

I already was planning to do only a few crossover chapters in the story if they do have tokens. The most important part for stories who would’ve wanted to use my characters for a crossover would actually be after the end of that story. I was planning of making a side story to it where it recalls all the time the Skylanders were called by tokens after the end of the story. And i already have in mind a few ways for them to benefit from the crossover and get some development. One of the character is supposed to get a form that completely changes their fighting style, and i was planning to do it in a crossover with another displaced story.

They did do my poor boy dirty. He’s one of my fav too, so i had to give him custom forms, which are going to come later in the story

I love spyro and everything about him, including the classics and skylanders.
def giving this a read atm

Edit: CMC is gonna mess up Bash with the crazy plans XD

You might be surprised of the long term effect Bash will have on the cmc :trollestia:

And i’m glad you like it so far


Yeah, but that's just like only a chibi-type of thing.

And I'm not a fan of chibi, because it's quite literally a rip-off of turning very serious shows into kids/baby shows like Teen Titans, Ben 10, MLP actually, We bare bears, Total Drama, The Muppets, Mickey Mouse, etc....

I'm talking about a actual crossover like Lilo & Stitch TV series with various other old Disney shows from back in the day. ( Kim Possible, Original Proud Family, and Recess. )

Or Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner with their Power Hour special trilogy. Ben 10 and Generator Rex and Zak Saturday/The Secret Saturday's, KND and Billy and Mandy, or several references and nods from Amphibia and Owl House living in the same Earth, etc...

THOSE kind of crossovers.

And now named one isekai anime/manga that did something like this?

P.S. And the one with the Dragon Ball Series, One Piece, and Toriko doesn't count. Because they aren't isekai.

but nevertheless the closest cross-over ish thing that exists despite its meant for humor.
Good idea, that way the story comes first before anything else.

Yeah. I mean like i said in a previous comment, i did learn only not long ago about how displaced really worked. So i didn’t plan to add the token thing at all at first, i’ll just add it later when the story’s developed enough


Did you at least like my good examples of cartoon crossovers back in the day?

And besides that comedic Chibi-style, I don't see any other good official isekai anime/manga crossovers on television. Except from fanfiction of course.

Isekais are all I watch. I can't get into any other anime.

awesome punchline!

keep it up my dude!

I wonder which is going to powerslide as a bike first. Drobo or Pinkie as RC? :pinkiehappy:

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