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Not much tell about myself. I play dnd, work a pair of jobs, and leave my creative juices for my stories. (Bonus points if you can figure out which pony in my avatar is me)


So, my friends and I woke up in this forest none of us recognize, and were scattered by these wooden dog things. Now I gotta find my friends before we get into any more trouble. Now if only I wasn't a foot tall, and can say more than "Eevee"....

This is a random thought that popped into my head one day. I figured I'd get it out now. Still don't quite know where this'll end up, so let's take this adventure together.

Character tags and categories will be added as needed.

Proofread by Zannblade.

Have any theories? Can't remember who is who? Fear not! Thanks to Adenbadens for starting up a Google docs to help with this. You can veiw it here. Beware, wild unmarked spoilers abound in the grass.

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Seems interesting, Imma have to give it a look later

\m/ Rock On \m/

Well, at least he has manners......

Is there a talking dog in front of me?
Oh, okay. Just checking. Can I freak out now?
"I don't see why not."

This part here has earned you a track. I'll be watching!:pinkiehappy: Wow...that sounded so creepy. oh well..

"Sounds like a bad fan fiction to me." I groused.


feint rustling,

you want faint instead. A feint is what you do when you try to be tricky in battle. Pretty sure rustling is incapable o fbeing tricky... but this is Equestria.

it's next

its You started to do this more as the story went on. Fun part of English: the plural and possessive of it is its.

grayish blur rush past me,


I have nitpicked. Zecora is best zebra. :pinkiehappy::trollestia:
Now about the adorable language barrier...

Oh?:trixieshiftright: What a :twistnerd:

sorry, not sorry, couldn't resist.

6996314 Thanks for the catch. those "its"s are going to be the bane of my existence, i swear....

6998253 So should I tell you about the chapter titles?:unsuresweetie:

Um.. You see it's Equestrian Eeveelution. And Sleep and Planning. :twilightblush:

You know, Fluttershy would make a great Nurse Joy.:pinkiehappy: She's got the mane for it!

And so the wait begins....

They have this weird way of speaking that sorta makes them hard to understand, as if they were speaking with a Neighponese accent.”

Really? How strange!:trollestia:

Also, the work on the other story sounds interesting. If you don't mind me asking...4 litres of Jam? Catnip?...for a hamster? Did you learn from Pinkie?

7422314 i will neither confirm nor deny that statement. She has ears everywhere....

Would you like me to add you to some groups? It would at least help you get more views.

Not bad man. Not bad at all. A few spelling errors but nothing outstanding. Very well done.

7568536 Game Crossovers, Pokemon Crossovers, The Writers Group just to name a few. There are a few others it would easily fit into. If you don't want to that's fine, I just figured I'd ask first.

7568676 oh, go right ahead. I just wanted to know where the story would end up. Every author wants more readers.

7568688 I love this chapter please add more chapters for me and others to read please my friend

lol the Eevee shenanigans

i wonder if they gonna evolve at some point and when they do i wager it will make Twilight go into more study frenzy to figure out what happened

7570988 Here is where I sit back and go "Muhahahahaha!"

.... God, I need to get a cat to pet menacingly while I do that.

Not bad mate not bad at all. The eevee's antics are something funny, and Connor learning dig I think is going to come in very useful come later chapters. No spelling errors that I could see. Overall this is one good looking story man. My thumbs up!

7570988 depending on gen breed at least one will beecome a sylveon

I like the subtle but obvious type references. Very sneaky and well placed sir. I look forward to seeing how each character changes and comes into their role.

yeah lol to all the eevee shinanigans can't wait for more chapters and more evees

Can't wait to see Twilight blow up when one of them evolves.

I think
Abes = Umbreon
Yomega= Espeon
Connor= Leafeon
Cy, Vince= Eevee or Leafeon?
The one sunbathing is probably a Flareon, don't have a clue about Zann.

You’re both spread your assholery around evenly.”

That should be "you've" as in "you have". Not "you're" as in "you are".

Also, i love this story!!!:scootangel::pinkiehappy:

7573538 you have Abes down twice.
Good guesses though.

I would think Conner would end up as sylveon since they need a fairy type move to turn in to one and he is the only one so far with a fairy move.

7573790 I love this chapter please add more updates when u have a chance

“You’re wrong, though.” A stallion’s voice seemed to whisper. The Eevee in her forelegs began to glow with a blinding light.
“I do care. And you are not alone.”

I'm betting umbreon evolution.

He saw each of his packmates’ candy bags fill with their surgery loot.

Now then, tell me who got to go to a surgery for loot? Or is it sugary loot you're searching for:trollestia:


Yay! First evolution!

7576669 I love this chapter please add more as so as possible

Damn cliffhangers.


lol i thought the same thing.

i wonder if Twilights magic will have an effect on him after he evolves.

First evo is best evo!

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Wow, this is actually kind of fun, I like the character dynamics you've got going, even though I'm having trouble keeping track of all these eevees and names, A list might help peoples enjoyment, so they can keep tract of who's who.

I feel you've got a plot going, but honestly, you could just have made it a slice of life and it would be damn intertaining just for the character interactions.

So avoiding the word "Pokemon".:applejackunsure:

Huh, interesting...

7582009 thanks! To help you with the names:
The (current) Eevees are: Leo, Cy, Villhiem, Lulu, Yomega, Zann, Vince, and Conner.
Abes is the Umbreon.

Also, when I get a little farther in, I plan on writing up a couple of 'blooper reel' chapters that are cannon if the individual reader wishes. I already have a part planed for the Glaceon.

I vote for one of the Eevee's evolving into an Espeon and giving Twilight a taste of her own medicine for being an idiot, jumping into random conclusions, and needling the poor Eevee's without their permission.

7582063 Shhhh! We call it the Scottish creatures...

7582122 wait are foxes Scottish I guess they're still canines but the eevees always looked more like foxes than dogs.

7582300 that was more of a Macbeth joke. To actors, to say its very name is bad luck unless you are actually performing. So it is referred to as The Scottish Play.

7582122 Btw...

I just noticed that the story's title has one letter wrong.

"Equistrian Eeveelution"

The "i" should be "e".

7582301 I love these chapters please try to keep adding more chapters to this story I love it

Interesting... Wait do I have bad luck now :pinkiegasp:

Since no one else had mentioned it yet, I guess I'll do it. So not only did Discord grab the group and mess around with their species, he also messed with some of their genders? Seems kind of random even for him? :derpyderp2:

And since this is my first comment here I just want to say that I'm being presently surprised by this fic. Not only is it loosely a HiE and Pokémon crossover, but also kind of a displaced as well. I honestly don't know why I decided to give it a chance, something in the description hit me just right I guess, but so far I'm glad I did. It doesn't take itself too seriously and the humor keeps getting small chuckles out of me. Love Twilight's continuous mini freak outs over the malleable nature of a Pokémon's DNA.:twilightblush: And your update schedule isn't too shabby either. So please keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

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