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A cynical and distrustful man has a drunken conversation at a bar with someone and finds himself waking up in a land of talking ponies the next day. The catch? He's now a Ninetales. "Great...where's the bar?"

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Well this is, different. What prompted this fusing of concepts?

I was partially inspired by an Eevee mlp cross fic I read recently and thought I would try something similar.


Well it's off to an interesting start.

Fire + Alcohol = fiery burps.

thats list is in the proper order. interesting idea. i will follow

Ah, so that's it. Not only did I suddenly get turned into a Pokemon, but I got dumped into the Galar Region. Fuck it! It makes about as much sense as everything else that's happened so far! But who the hell was talking?

Why Galar? We haven't seen anything MLP-esque, especially Flutters-esque in the trailers.

Equestrian Eeveeloution, by any chance?

That's exactly why he would make that assumption. He got turned into a pokemon and met a creature that he never saw before. Considering that we know next to nothing about what's in sword and shield at the moment, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to assume that Fluttershy would be a regional variant of Ponyta or a completely new type of horse pokemon.

Ooh, I like. Seems pretty interesting, especially the fact that the guy has no clue where he is so there won't be any "metagaming" as it where. LoL, hell, he thinks he's in a completely different world. That could make for some pretty interesting mistakes. Though the sheer terror/rage he felt when Fluttershy spoke makes me want to think that he's had some girl trouble, which will definitely cause some issues for him.

Also, thought I'd point out a typo: firmly attache to - firmly attached to :twilightsmile:

Best pokémon crossover I have read so far

Interested to see where this goes

OK, Im following for a while. Just please Faust, don't do the whole "Tons of mental and emotional problems" schtick. Way, way too many of those stories on here.

Try to be different.

The Monk

I shall be watching this, I can't wait for more~!

Have you read Equestrian Eeveelution?

Hahaha!!! Read my previous comment.

Dot's one paranoid dude. Though honestly, I don't blame him.

Really Fluttershy, he's telegraphed his desire for solitude about as blatantly as he can without actually assaulting you, would it kill you to respect that?

Amazing how repeated, subtle hints like that don't work.

Wait so Fluttershy is a normal pony/pegasus and there are normal animals without pokemon, right?
Than how dense, you can be to not see that you're the only Pokemon and to confuse a ponyta that has flaming mane and tail with a pegasus, the one thing in common is that they are horse-like

Sooo, how long is the baseless paranoia going to be running for? Fluttershy doesn’t look like a Pokemon, she’d be talking in a recognised language as well, and she’s completely friendly. If he’d done any scouting around he’d have seen Ponyville, easily, since Fluttershy generally doesn’t 2ander too far from it, and it’s quite a large town.

Also, unless you are making a pun I suspect you want ‘Hail’ instead of ‘hale’. The first is a greeting or salutation (Hail to the King), the later is a state of healthiness (He was hale and hearty.)

Paranoia is acceptable, he appeared in a forest and is a pokemon and especially now that he has followers and responsibility

The problem is that he thinks Fluttershy is a ponyta...... how?

I'm liking this
I can understand his paranoia giving the situation.
Ponytashy, by his logic could be a new regions varient of ponyta. And pinky already knowing his name is sufficiently creepy for him.
I will continue tracking this

I'm starting to worry about this guys intelligence.

Are we going to get a chapter on the ponies perspectives?

I think this paranoia is more then his mistaking her for a ponyta


It’s the way she talks.:ajsleepy: He new some one in the past who pretended to be kind and gentle,:ajbemused: but was really just leading him on and playing with him.:ajbemused::flutterrage: She hurt him bad,:fluttershysad: and now he’s weary of Fluttershy because she has the same personality that the girl pretended to have.:fluttershysad::flutterrage:

I was on high alert the whole way back home, legitimately expecting a whole herd of Lemons to come bursting out of the bushes to capture me at any moment.

Try reading this without context XD

Well, when life gives you lemons....

Unfortunately, I think a lot of guys can empathize with his alluded backstory. It sucks to be constantly suspicious of the people around you, but it's better than being constantly used due to your gullibility. I'll be curious to see how you'll progress the story with his mindset the way it is.

Also, aww, he made some friends in the forest! I think in the long run that it'll be good for his sanity to have some form of companionship, even if they can't talk. Also also.... did they just try to sacrifice Angel Bunny to him? That's hilarious. The little brat needs to get a handle on that personality of his if other animals are willing to do that to him. What with the foxes looking disappointed that he let the bunny go. :eeyup:

He hasnt seen other ponies only Fluttershy. He doesnt know anything about MLP. He has distant memories of playing pokemon and can recognize that he is a ninetales. So logically he would assume Fluttershy is a type of pokemon. Ponyta is just a moniker he assigned to her, like Lemon, because he doesnt know what she is.

He decided to avoid her entirely and so he stays away from the direction she comes from. Hence Ponyville.
Also, yes she totally looks like a pokemon to someone who doesnt know about MLP. As for language, he is a pokemon so he is just assuming thats why he can understand her. Like how all pokemon can understand each other in the show.

He doesnt think she is a Ponyta. He just labelled her as a variant of the only horse pokemon he knows.
He sees her as a ponyta version of the pikachu clones.

Why? So far he has shown a great amount of intelligence. He is lost in an unfamiliar body, in an unfamiliar location trying to survive and just wants to be left alone. Yet he has food, water, shelter, companionship. Not bad for a few days.

The only thing i disagree with is Pinkie being a normal evolution. She needs to be a trade evolution with a hold item.
Otherwise those were great.

Mainly because the only pokemon I am aware of that can talk verbally is the TR Meowth. All the other pokemon say their name or speak telepathically. Of course, I have not been a serious fan of pokemon since about the movie with Lugia and the time Misty left. It is possible other pokemon can talk like people now.

That's because the show is shown from a human perspective.

Look at the pikachu clones. The only things they share is type, cheek spots, and the fact that they are all rodents. Look at the alolan and galan variants. They have very distinct differences while also sharing certain base traits with their all-region counterparts. Hell look at alolan Ninetales and Marrowak. Neither of them share the same typing as their gen 1 counterparts, but they are still acknowledged as a type of Ninetales and Marrowak. It therefore wouldn't be too far of a stretch if our hero thought Fluttershy was a flying type regional variant of Ponyta or a new horse pokemon all together.

It looks like he's either looking out for killer fruit or old cars that break down every time you look at it funny. Either way- :rainbowlaugh:

I'm a simple man, I see a story about foxes I click the favorite button.
I see a good story about a human turned fox I press the thumbs up button

Ah, so Harmony's to blame for the incessant stalking. That explains it, with Twilight egging things on they'd never quit.


So how much you want to bet one of his first thoughts after this conversation is were am i going to move next?

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