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Hello, my name is Ori. I used to have a different name (and species) but since I was pretty much reborn as Ori, I figured that would be my name too. Anyways, my story starts at a con I attended dressed as Ori from Ori and the Blind Forest (because he's frikkin awesome and cute as heck). I bought something from the Merchant and the rest you know.

A\N I've recently learned how to upload images for my avatar so I thought I'd apply it to cover art. And here it is. I don't know who made this or how, but credit goes to them.

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I've wondered how an ori displaced would work. You have my attention.

P.S. I love ori as well. I bought both versions.

7508693 We actually bought the game on Steam on Christmas, but when it turned out that we need certain devices that we simply didn't have and we too expensive to get, we had to return it. For now, I have to settle for watching YouTube videos and even if we were able to, I'm not confident I could play it. My brother would probably end up playing it instead of me.

Hello, my name is Ori. I used to have a different name (and species) but since I was pretty much reborn as Ori, I figured that would be my name too. Anyways, my story starts at a con I attended dressed as Ori from Ori and the Blind Forest (because he's frikkin awesome and cute as heck). I bought something from the Merchant and the rest you know.

Oh sweet Jesus rollerblading Christ. I'm going to have to come back to this later for the sole purpose of breaking this intro down.

7508837 I'm not all that great at writing descriptions. Writing the story, I can do but writing a description that best describes the story without giving to much away? It's not really something I excel at.

Listening to the soundtrack of the game while reading this made it 10x more epic than it already is.

now i need to know what happens next.

I wasn't confidant that many people

"Confident" when speaking of yourself and "confidant" when speaking of someone you trust with your secrets.

"Female." She announced. As Fluttershy finished drying the now known female, Angel continued to speak.

Oh my gosh! Let's ship her with Angel! :rainbowkiss:

Yay update

You, my friend, are making the most epic displaced story i have ever read. And i have read a lot.

Keep going and never give in and just like Ori you too will shine brighter than ever.

7512359 Well thank you, I didn't think it was that awesome, I was just doing my best to write a good story people will enjoy. I hope I can live up to your expectations.

7512467 won't have to try too hard. just keep writing how your writing now and boom epic story for me. lol.

Truthfully though i tend to find any story that has decent writing, good direction, and memorable characters to be epic in my books. That and by listening to the soundtrack from the game reading this makes it 10x more epic than normal.

7512482 Again, thank you for your encouragement.

I hope she will meet Angel soon! I would love to see them interact! :rainbowkiss:

This is nicely done and has a much better start to it then most other Displaced fics. I can hardly wait for more.


I'm calling it now the spirit tree is the tree of harmony

7517609 Incorrect. Sorry, but that wasn't the plan.

7517649 what? Really? But it makes sense! Oh man, now I can't wait for the next installment!

7517766 Honestly, it didn't occur to me and I will try to have new chapter posted as soon as possible.

7517771 awesome! Though I wonder if the Tree of Harmony will effect ori in some way? Any spoilers?

7517797 I haven't actually thought about how the Tree of Harmony would affect Ori, it may be worth thinking about. As for spoilers, sorry, I don't want to spoil too much.

7517806 that cool. I was curios did ori die at the end of the game?

7517829 was watching my brother play at the ending at it just seemed like how it ended ori died and his light healed the tree so others could live. (The owl helped). though I could be wrong.

7517864 Like I said, Ori didn't die. In fact, you can see Ori in the final scene after Kuro sacrificed herself.

I have been waiting for another Ori and the blind forest. The other one I found was cancelled unfortunately. So please don't stop. I'd love to see this story completed. Keep up the good work:)

7517870 oh I saw a I swore I saw another glowy leaf land at the ending cut scene

7522634 Oh there were glowy leaves at the end. With the tree restored, more Light Guardians were born. Ori didn't die, but now they are not the only one.

7522657 oh. Well my head cannon still has Ori dying at the end. Gives it a beautiful but tragic ending don't you think? Thats how many of my stories I wright end. Nothing makes someone love a character more then when they die. Look at the anime Rwby, read where the red fern grows, old yellow, or the character Itachi.

7523073 Call me old fashioned, but I also like it when characters live.

7523093 oh don't get me wrong I do too. Though an amazing part about a sad ending is that it inspires people to create their own story that ends happily. But hey if you go down the tragic ending here you can always go with a dues ex machina to save him. Perhps with one of the two trees. That world trives on those

7523179 Little spoiler for the video game, Ori actually does in the beginning. Ori goes off on their own shortly after the death of their parent and ends up dying of starvation because everything, including the food sources, is dying. But then he gets revived by the Spirit Tree and the game starts. You know, I haven't played the game because I don't have the required equipment, but I have watched it on YouTube. Just put in Ori and the Blind Forest cutscenes into the search engine and you'll get these video game 'movies'. Go check it out.

Not only have you misspelled freaking, which is already pretty sad why not say fucking, you gave me a feeling of 'this might turn out shit' im willing to give this the benefit of a doubt though. Do not disappoint me.

7529940 I will try not to, but I feel you should know that I don't swear. Especially the F bomb so don't expect to see words like that in my story.

7529958 ok, but swearing sometimes can say that your serious.

7530038 I still stand my ground on swearing and I hope that you and all my readers will respect that. I also hope you enjoy my story, I do my best to make stories that my readers enjoy.

7530043 i will respect that. And if i don't enjoy, ill tell you why

Well thats a disappointment. All of the ori and the blind forest/mlp fics i find have ori as female. I don't think ori was given a gender in the game but its been awhile. Still, it saddens me that i can't relate to to main character more

Bravo on settling with a cliche to start the story. Whats next? Going to turn the character into stone for some arbitrary reason?

7533577 No. Not all Displaced fics have to have a character turn to stone. As for the choice in gender, that's my choice and I'm sorry that you don't agree. Besides, if every author changed their story according to the requests of their fans because they didn't like a certain way it was done or a certain element, every story would be an unreadable convoluted mess. That's part of the reason why fanfics exist. Stories, even fanfics, are a labor of love and in my own opinion, are an extension of the author. Even when we don't try, we put a little of ourselves into our stories.

Life experiences, personal opinions, thoughts, beliefs, etc. Even the way a person writes is unique to them, like a fingerprint. Again, I'm sorry that you don't like what I'm presenting and I'd like to remind you that I am not forcing you to read my stories.

P.S. what cliché did you see in my writing. I don't think I used a cliché, but then I don't know a lot of clichés.

Hooves? What ori art have you seen and ori doesn't have 2 sets of ears those things on its forehead are like antenna (i don't know the plural for that) but, i guess people see how ori looks differently

7520956 was the cancelled one called 'light in the darkest hour'?

7534608 Honestly, I didn't want to do hooves and the antenna part was something I wanted to do but when you look closely in the game, there are hooves plus wiki.

7534619 I think so, yeah. I haven't looked at it for a while, but I believe that's what it was called.

7534619 Yes it was Light in the Darkest Hour. I was very disappointed when it was cancelled, It had so much potential that is now ded

7558719 i think there is a reboot kind of thing that is not in the norm of displaced, but it has 2 chapters amd they're pretty short

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