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Long ago, an Autobot spacecraft crashed on Equestria, and things changed. But the implications weren't understood until many centuries later when a stolen ship crashed there as well with a ship full of Autobots and one "human" following in pursuit. Many ponies will have to learn to live a second life once they discover the truth about themselves.
Here is some of the art that helped inspire this.
and an Autobot image I didn't create
along with some Decepticons I didn't create.

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hmm nice i think this is the first animated fic i read

It has potential :pinkiesmile:, please continue :scootangel:
Are you really going to to do THAT with the entire life on the planet ?:applejackconfused:, At least for me it seem more plausible if only certain species ended like THAT ( like ponies yes but dragon's not) but if you think you can pull it off OK. It's your story after all.:ajsmug:

So I take it place after the end of the Transformer Animated show. I wonder how the autobot will react too seeing a whole world fill with pony( minus the Griffons, donkeys, dragons, and other creatures) :rainbowderp: I hope too see more. :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Pah-lease continue this fic!

This might be trouble now that those three have scan organic as their disguised :fluttershbad: which will be a problem for the autobots

Princess Megatron...snicker.. From the King of the pits of Kaon to a pretty pony princess oh how the mighty have fallen :rainbowlaugh:

I would hope to see a surprise reappearance from either Starscream and or Soundwave.

How cars and trucks in Equestria look like? probably like this:
but ther is also this from the oficial comics
but considering that this could be just comic/cartoon logic ( just for laughts) is up to you use or not

Well these images are from the show:
Super Cider Squeezy 6000
Ponyville Train
That's why Jazz doesn't want to turn into one of those.

5272970 I agree :rainbowlaugh: I bet if starscreen was there he would have enjoyed this moment when he hear megatron voice.

I though they might chose pony form to blend but they don't know about this planet. you might want too slow down with this it look like your trying to rush when typing. you kind post the chapter in less than 12 hour not saying it bad or anything but you might want to paced yourself and let your brain rest

replied Princess Megatron

XD :rainbowlaugh: priceless!!

Also, could you add character descriptions that are a bit more...specific? I don't mean to spend five paragraphs on just describing a character...bUT something a little more than 'X became a pegasus.' Like colors or something.

"Then I am obviously the only stallionfriend for my Lord Megatron!" he declared.
"I feel so... honored," grumbled Megatron.

Once again, fantastic quotes.

5276310 Alright. Sometime today I'll get to those edits. Thanks for the read and review.

Wait, didn't Twilight just ditch Fluttershy at the front door? ARGH, another plot hole! I have to think of a way to rewrite this scene later... oh, pardon me for editorializing... back to the story.

Maybe Pinkie manipulated time and space somehow summon all her friends? :pinkiesmile: (while you not see her :pinkiecrazy:)

"He's bragging about that?!"
"Yes," groaned Megatron.

:facehoof: :rainbowlaugh:

"Lugnut: release one of the stasis cuffs from your storage. If I'm right, then they shall be on the right scale for use on ponies."

How convenient :trollestia:

replied Princess Megatron

YES! HE RETURNS!! :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

I thought Prowl was dead.


"I think I found something, Prime," called Prowl over the radio.
"What do you have?" he asked back.
"It's something you better come see for yourself," he replied.
"I'm on my way," he replied as he headed towards Prowl's signal. Soon, he was at Prowl's side as he looked down on some shattered crystal fragments.

It's too soon....... :applejackconfused: :facehoof:
that must be Jazz :twilightsheepish:

PRINCESS MEGATRON?!" laughed Sari as she grabbed her sides and fell backwards.
"I didn't think it was that funny."


At least Sari found about Mega(*cough* Mare)tron organic form.:rainbowlaugh:

Everyone else will get a kick out of this!

It will look as if the Autobots will wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons.

Nor did I Ratchet. Nor did I:rainbowderp:

:pinkiegasp: WHOA! That was awesome! :pinkiehappy:

Funny thing is I'm doing a transformers fic right now with Fluttershy as Grimlock. So you can imagine what'll happen with that.

I wonder what animated Astrotrain looks like....
also Auotpony Celestia please.

So RID Megatron an allusion? Also good chapter.

There's no way Discord can be THAT willing to help...he's up to something...:rainbowhuh:

So will Discord need an allspark fragment to become a transformer? Never mine. Hes's Discord the master of chaos, he can just snap hus fingers.

Author's Note: Nothing

Slipstream? Nice reference.

5308756 actually it's up right now. The test of the Chapters are being posted up tomorrow.

'pin the tail on the @$$'

XD Clever yet funny!

"You think I'm an @$$ or something?!"

Look, author person, this story is E-rated. You don't curse in an E-rated story, and that's not censored in the slightest.

Lugnut became a pegasus, and Blitzwing assumed his unicorn form.
*Paragraph about Lugnut as a pegasus*
Like Lugnut, Blitzwing's griffon mode was also very similar to his robot mode's coloration. His body, wings and lower back legs were a deep violet and his face was deep blue, but the rest of his body was sandy brown. While he was just as large as Lugnut, he was a fair deal leaner. His cutie mark was an image of both his jet fighter and his tank modes.


5315762 actually, that is censoring. It's also a double entendre, as an ass is the ancestor of the donkey. It's no worse than calling a female dog 'bitch' or a female cat 'pussy'.
But I have changed the rating to 'Teen'.

1) If I can still read it clearly, and everyone else can, then it's not censored. At least, not properly.
2) Well, technically you're correct, but times have changed. Those are just not words to be said in front of children now.
3) Thank you. The E-rating means that anyone could be reading this, even. little kids. That, and I'm not the only person who would tell you that this wasn't really for all audiences.

It's not that I don't like your story, it's just that I'm an editor at heart. I want to make sure that this story can be the best it can. :raritywink:


"Plants grow in the sun and sleep at night!

Plants sleep?

5266741 don't be so down be happy like me:pinkiehappy::raritywink:

5439434 It's the (limited edition) cover for a actual MLP comic :scootangel: sadly is only for the cover , not a real crossover :raritydespair:

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