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Writing wrongs.


Soarin is accused of having defecated in an old mare's rhododendron garden, and Liberty Belle is his defense attorney.

This is a very realistic depiction of true court drama in Equestria, so anyone who thinks it's inaccurate needs to think twice before comparing it to human courts.

(That's my way of saying I have no idea how to write a realistic court session.)

Written as an offered request for Marcibel.

Cover art is by Mutter Butter (@MistyMutter on Twitter).

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Comments ( 9 )

This was amazing, and this is the third or fourth time your stories have made my day! :pinkiehappy:

And we all need more Wonderbolts in our lives.

Thanks for writing :yay:

Okay, that was great. I loved how blunt and nonchalant everything was, and all the various ponies reacting to the recounting of events.

She is a terrible lawyer! Or a good one? I'm not entirely sure at this point!

False Verdict should be double checked on grounds of his name alone.

"I... I defacated behind the dumpster... on the parking meter..."

I have no idea what the 'Defacated' means

IRL most of those offenses would not be punishable unless someone files a request for legal procedure (in most countries at least), but otherwise it's a fun little story.


Still, Equestria's legal system is pretty cool. Needs more dancing though.

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