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Smile why you can, no one truly makes it out alive.


Bitten, drained, and a Monster, it can't get much worst for me..
Though I think I've finally got a grip...Soarin is always so close....

The Soardash ship sails strong here~
Rainbow tell her side of the story in first-pers--uh, pony
About halfway through the point of view is swapped to Soarin. (Just sayin')

Sex tag is only marked to be safe. Yeah sure they had sex, but I i'm not good at writing that stuff so I skipped to the next morning. Sorry XD

Cover by: KikiRDCZ - DeviantArt

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 9 )


This is really good, very underrated fanfic. Looking forward to more!

I like how this chapter gives a different view to how Rainbow and Thunderlane interacted after she found out that he had bitten Soarin and that he admits he was in the wrong. :rainbowderp:

Interesting read, the character interaction where very good. Pacing was a little wonky and kinda jump from one event to another. But I still found it quite enjoyable. :rainbowdetermined2:

Interesting, now I want to know more about how this vampire condition effects ponies. :twilightsheepish:

Short chapters are okay by me. I have some fics that have really long chapters but only update infrequently. Which is okay, but I have lot of fics that update quite often with shorts chapters and that is cool too. What fits your writing style. :twilightsmile:
Nice chapter, that kinda worked things out with Fleetfoot. I think it was well handled.

Thank you so much. I'm super happy that you liked it:twilightsmile:

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