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Agreeing to watch over Fluttershy's cottage for the night, Rainbow Dash plans for a quite evening, just to snuggle up with a Daring Do book and chillax. But with Fluttershy's younger brother, Zephyr Breeze is added to the mix, things become more complicated-

{After almost a year, I've decided it's time to revamp one of my oldest fan-fictions, enjoy~!:heart:}

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The 74th Equestrian Games are at their peak, and the tributes are being called. Against all odds, Twilight Sparkle, alongside Roman Vladimir, become the tributes from the small district of Ponyville. How will a pony with only book smarts survive against ponies who spent their lives training for this event?

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Alicorn power has fallen, the citizens of Equestria turning thirsty for war and anything besides peace. Falling under the power of Alastor, a stallion leading the rebellion.

Celestia and Luna struggle to keep themselves hidden, being found would mean the consequence of slaughter.

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Equestria falls more and more into the dark king's control as Twilight Sparkle hastily forces herself into plan after plan. Soon coming to the conclusion she would have to take matters into her own hooves and meet him face to face, even if it costs her life.

The first chapter is a test run, if it does well, I will write more. Make sure to comment feedback! Criticism helps me do better~!
Editing Help In Chapter I&II: EverfreePony
=Cover drawn by me=

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A survivor tells his young grandson of a mare who was know as her name states.

It's small and short. All well

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A simple day of tea was always a good way for Discord and Fluttershy to open up and talk with one another. But when Discord brings up what he believes to be a simple question, the shy mare turns over a leaf and falls silent. Wanting to know the answer, Discord is willing to go through anything to get it.

While overthinking things, Discord may just go overboard with his actions...

40 Follower Special, Thanks ya'll :heart:

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Asking the question, "Why?", could never hurt anypony...right?

Twilight Sparkle was always know to be a curious mare, but when her curiosity reaches a peak, she just may have to take a step back. If she doesn't, what secrets await her may be ones she never was meant to know in the first place.

Besides... Lies hurt...But Truth...Kills

30 Follower Special! Will carry out to be a huge story!!

Cover: balddumborat.deviantart.com

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Arceus Mort is a young colt, and by the orders of his mother and father...is always guarded by a tall guard named White Fire..At first he hates the treatment but then, he find he just may like it more than he thought...

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Bitten, drained, and a Monster, it can't get much worst for me..
Though I think I've finally got a grip...Soarin is always so close....

The Soardash ship sails strong here~
Rainbow tell her side of the story in first-pers--uh, pony
About halfway through the point of view is swapped to Soarin. (Just sayin')

Sex tag is only marked to be safe. Yeah sure they had sex, but I i'm not good at writing that stuff so I skipped to the next morning. Sorry XD

Cover by: KikiRDCZ - DeviantArt

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Zephyr believes that Rainbow Dash has got the hots for him, but what he doesn't know is that Rainbow is two seconds from smacking him right out of his man bun.

Cover by:littleLPSWarriorfan - DeviantArt

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