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The 74th Equestrian Games are at their peak, and the tributes are being called. Against all odds, Twilight Sparkle, alongside Roman Vladimir, become the tributes from the small district of Ponyville. How will a pony with only book smarts survive against ponies who spent their lives training for this event?

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I wake up to an empty bed, my brother must have went out hunting instead of waiting for me to wake first. I sigh at the thought, he only did this when he had horrid nightmares of losing me and our mother to Canterlot. Of course, today was no doubt worse, it was the day of the summer sun.

hunting for what? theyre ponies, which means theyre herbivores

I am SO SO SO SOOOO GRATEFUL you did not put poor sweet fluttershy into the games! Have a cookie for that!🍪

Or so you think. Drastic times count for drastic measures.

If Twilight grew up in Ponyville, how did she become so smart? There's only one library, and to be honest, the school there is positively terrible. Most of Twilight's knowledge comes from the Canterlot library and Celestia's teachings, and if her family was low on money, how would they be able to provide for her education?

Perhaps he was hunting Mushrooms.
Vile, dastardly, mushrooms! You will rue the day you fell apon my plate.

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